Everybody’s favorite #throwback file transfer method, FTP, is the foundation of file sharing. In fact, SmartFile was started as a simple web-based FTP manager, so it has a special place in our hearts.

That said, we’ve written a lot about what FTP is, the secure way to transfer files over FTP and even how to build an FTP server. Below, you can find all of our best content on the topic of FTP in this FTP roundup.

SmartFile FTP Resources

SFTP vs. FTPS: The Secure File Transfer Methods Battle It Out

Ever wonder what the difference is between SFTP and FTPS? This post discusses the similarities and differences between the two secure file transfer methods, gives a list of pros and cons and offers suggestions on which one may meet best your needs.

The Ultimate FTP Commands List 

No need to consult several different websites to get the FTP commands you need in your day-to-day FTP server duties, you can find them all here in this handy list. Also includes commands for batching files to your FTP server.

Comparison of FTP Versions: FTP, FTPS, FTPES, SFTP

This short comparison of each of the FTP types supported by SmartFile, including FTPS, FTPES and SFTP explains the technical differences and how they can be used for scripting and automation.

The Big List of FTP Server Response Codes 

Another helpful list, the Big List of FTP Server Codes will be a great help to anyone dealing with a company FTP server or troubleshooting file transfer activities. Also includes FTP error codes.

6 Reasons to Upgrade to an FTP Server Alternative 

Yes, we all love, or have loved, our legacy FTP servers, but you have to admit there are more than a few flaws that come with a plain FTP server. Here are six reasons that you should upgrade your FTP server, with cameos from President Nixon and some X-wing starfighters.

How Much Does It Really Cost To Setup And Maintain Your Own FTP Server?

Does DIY really save you money? Learn some of the visible and hidden costs behind building your own FTP server, which still lacks some of the enhanced functionality of modern alternatives.

More FTP Resources

There’s a great deal of in-depth information on FTP outside of SmartFile, so make sure to check out these resources as well.

Replace Your Legacy FTP Server

Get an modern FTP alternative with numerous access methods, email activity alerts and detailed user and file logs.

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