99% of companies have their cloud credentials for sale on the dark web. All it takes is access to a browser like Tor and someone with a vendetta against your company to find those credentials.

This unfortunate statistic is just one thread of the many threads that make up the fabric of the Shadow IT issue. The use of consumer cloud accounts and devices by employees without the approval of IT is endangering businesses more than most top level execs would ever expect.

The Shadow IT Webinar

In order to help businesses combat this problem, we’ve created a free webinar full of information and advice from leading IT and security experts about the Shadow IT problem and how to safeguard your business against it.

On July 12th, at 1:30 p.m. EDT, SmartFile CEO John Hurley will cover everything you need to know about Shadow IT and answer your questions on the topic.

Sign up now to get your spot.

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Attendance is limited to 75 people. Can’t attend? Sign up and we’ll send the recording!


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