There are all types of heroes. Some get attention and some are more of the *everyday* variety. Since it’s SysAdmin Day, the day when we finally appreciate all of the work sysadmins and engineers do, we decided to take you on a quest that’s maybe a little different from your everyday adventures.

In this quest, you will be (surprise!) a sysadmin. Armed with only your skills and knowledge, you must complete the quest or perish in a really gruesome way.

If you are successful in completing the quest, you may find yourself a chance for a new treasure. If you’re brave enough, let’s get started…

It’s just after 8 a.m. and someone is calling. You can’t believe it’s this early and the problems are already starting. You put down the laptop you’re working on and walk over to the phone and answer it, expecting to be stuck with a phishing email or a password reset, but it’s the CTO. He wants you to go and investigate a new data center downtown to see if it would be a good place to store your company’s servers.

“What’s wrong with our current data center?” you ask.

What is wrong with the current data center?

To Get Answers, Start the Quest

If you’re too busy putting out all those fires, you can skip ahead and enter the giveaway at the end here.

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