Nowadays, traveling photographers are using online storage services to store their high resolution images. Online storage allows you to share photos with your friends and family. You do not need to compress the photos just to make them fit in an email attachment. By not having to reduce them, you can preserve the true beauty of the captured moment.

An online file storage service is also a convenient storage solution because you do not need to carry bulky external hard drives or USB drives with small storage capacities. You also do not need to worry about losing your files because you misplaced your USB drive or because you lost your external hard drive during a trip. Aside from these advantages, your files are protected from unauthorized access because this service offers restrictions like user and file permissions. To share your photos, you just simply email the download link and your friends can download the pictures directly into their computers.

If you find this service interesting, check out SmartFile. We offer an affordable and reliable online storage service that meets your needs. To learn more how you can maximize the potential of online storage, sign up today for our trial period and enjoy the service free for 14 days.

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