Unauthorized File Sharing in Marketing Departments

While keeping up with the file sharing industry, I ran across this nifty little article regarding security concerns with employees failing to tell their IT departments about their usage of unauthorized file sharing services.  This recent article, titled “The Security Reality of Road Warriors” by Barrie Hadfield, essentially shines even more light on the problem of employees, in this case the sales and marketing departments, increasing the risk of data theft with secret usage of insecure file sharing applications.  While both of these departments require a significant amount of work to be done while on the road, accessing such confidential data outside of the company firewall can prove to be catastrophic for the company’s assets if they do get stolen.

In the article, a  survey conducted from 1,900 sales and marketing professionals stated that:

  • Only 53% of marketing professionals and 29% of sales employees notify their IT departments when using free, cloud-based file sharing services for work.
  • 70% of marketers and 81% of sales professionals use these free file sharing solutions for corporate documents.
  • 70% of marketers and 88% of sales employees use their mobile devices for work, accessing documents online through free applications that allow them to do so.
  • 97% and 80% of marketing and sales professionals, respectively, report the need to access work-related documents outside of the office.

As a response to the article and the survey results, IT departments have a reason to implement such secure, convenient solutions to company employees to ensure the safety of company information.  With this said, SmartFile is the perfect solution to such security dilemmas.  With data encryption and the support of several secure forms of FTP, including FTPS and FTPES, SmartFile ensures your company that confidential data will be safe and sound.  Try SmartFile free for 14-days to see how much it could help out your business.

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