Business file sharing is a competitive and congested industry where you can easily get lost among the giants.  One of the first questions people ask about SmartFile is “How are you different from {insert online file sharing company here}?”.  We believe we offer a niche solution to businesses and professionals that others cannot match, so we naturally have to position ourselves against these more established services.  Instead of repeating this ad nauseam, I’d like to simply layout what sets SmartFile apart from the big players, DropBox and Box (**this is a comparison against their respective business packages and offerings).

SmartFile DropBox Box
No File Size Limit 2 GB 2 GB
Custom Branding
Use Your Domain
No Software to Install
FTP Connectivity

These are the just some of the main reasons people choose SmartFile over the competition.  Don’t get us wrong, products like DropBox and Box are amazing and fit the needs for a LOT of people but we believe that companies and professionals sometimes want more from their online file sharing and FTP solutions.  SmartFile has a long way to go to continue to match and exceed the competition, but the great thing is we’re always improving and listening to our customers.  If you ever have an idea for a new feature, an improvement, or just a critique, please chime in to our feedback page and let us know.

SmartFile has big things planned for 2013 and even further into the future, so keep your eyes open for exciting and innovative announcements.  We promise to keep raising the bar for business file sharing and professional FTP hosting!

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