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What You Need to Look For in an On-Premise Solution

An on-premise file sharing solution (often referred to as on-prem) can be the best of both worlds. Users can still access, manage and share files quickly and easily while meeting and improving security and compliance controls. But as with any major business decision, it’s crucial that you know what to look for before you invest.  There are a few factors at play that will be specific to each organization, but we’ve put together some universal considerations to get the best platform for your company.

Here’s what you need to look for in an on-prem file sharing solution.


When it comes to choosing your organization’s on-prem solution, the very first box you should be looking to check off is security. Most companies deal with some kind of sensitive or downright confidential information, whether it’s their client’s or their own. That information needs to be kept safe from those that would expose it through malice or negligence.

There is generally more security when you choose to use an on-prem solution where files are stored on a server already behind your company’s firewall. But for extra measure, you should look for a solution that uses multiple layers of firewalls with differing technologies for extra security.

Another feature that you want to look for is the ability to dictate and restrict permissions. Simply put, some team members need access to certain files and some don’t. Your house designer might whip up a clean logo and some intricate graphics, but do they really need to have access to a client’s payment information?

A smart on-prem solution will allow you to control access as well as record user and file activity for any compliance or auditing needs. And an even smarter one will email you alerts for instant notification.


Your organization isn’t going to stay the same size forever, so an on-prem file sharing solution should be able to scale with you. The solution you choose should be built to scale up and out through services and additional appliances.

The most obvious thing you should be looking for is the ability to connect multiple storage devices across different locations (but you already knew that didn’t you). Whether you need one device in both of your local offices or multiple in each of your offices worldwide, you’ll need to ensure that you have enough storage and space to store all your documents and files.

As you scale, you may find applications that make your organization run more smoothly and efficiently, so you’ll want to make sure that the on-prem solution you choose can handle 3rd-party and custom API integrations. And don’t forget to ask about Microsoft Outlook or whichever email service your company uses so you can send, add and request files right through email.

Through your organization’s growth, you find that some of your business processes can benefit from automation. Depending on your size, automation may even be essential so you don’t waste precious time and effort. Your on-prem solution should mirror that as well. Streamlining your workflow through rules, scripts and other custom automation is a must-have. The ability to modify the existing user interface so it’s customizable to your scenario is even better.


Just like your body benefits from maintenance, your file sharing devices should be periodically upgraded and maintained to ensure that they are running properly. A virus in either can be disastrous. If something goes wrong with your server, it can ruin the productivity of an office. Updates on your devices should happen quarterly to give you the newest features and customizations.

It’s great when you can find a platform that is ready and willing to handle all upgrades and maintenance themselves so you don’t have to worry about upkeep or replacement. And though it might be difficult to find, the best situation is when that maintenance is free.

In between these quarterly updates, a smart on-prem solution should give you access to robust support. The solution that you choose should do more than drop off the devices and give you a rundown. Personalized support is a must. Webinars and video training are a fantastic way to get the help you need in a way that makes sense. Chances are you’re going to have at least one team member who is a visual learner.

So if you’re thinking, “Great, I know that I need all these features for the best possible on-prem solution, but where on earth do I find a solution that provides all that?” Look no further than SmartFile’s FileHub.

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