A white label is a great way for small businesses to sell services with minimal expenses. The service comes from a larger company and rebranded as if you are the provider. One of the popular white label services on the market is online media hosting. This lets you sell online storage solutions without the need for servers, dedicated Internet connections and other expenses.

If you are looking for a provider that offers white label online media storage service, consider SmartFile. Our Private Label Program allows you to sell our storage plans under your brand. It also offers complete integration to your business processes. Payments and orders can be processed directly on your website. There is no need to redirect your customers to our order processing page. You’ll also have a control panel where you can manage accounts, customer information, billing, domains and branding. Your customers will also have the option to brand their storage accounts where they can use their own logo and domain name.

Sign up today for our online storage backup reseller program and get your reseller toolkit. The toolkit contains everything you need to start selling our storage plans.

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