Why Attorneys Need A “DAM” Cloud

Law firms transitioning from the four-drawer filing cabinet, fax machine and word processor to “DAM” (Digital Asset Management) cloud-based systems are reducing their overall technology costs and environmental impact. The legal profession generates excessive data for client contracts, case research (“legal pads”), court filings, depositions, exhibits, legal briefs, billing and more.

With technology now being viewed by most savvy law professionals as a strategic asset, confidential legal docs are now stored, shared and tracked digitally- ultimately improving workflow efficiently, client relationships and the bottom line!

Sharing important details with the right person, at the right time and right place are necessary legal practices. Our legal customers know what’s being shared, with whom and where that data lives online for enhanced agility and advanced control.  User-based permissions, access rights, virtual links, serious security and reporting tools ensure legal data remains secure, traceable and readily accessible.

In case of a hard drive crash or catastrophic failure, sensitive legal and financial documents are backed up to SmartFile’s homegrown, high-density storage pods. Equipped with SmartApps for viewing and editing multimedia and a hub that connects content and merges features from other cloud-hosted services like Dropbox, digital asset management (DAM) is easier and more convenient than ever with SmartFile.

Here are few other great cloud-hosted tools for legal professionals:

  1. Advologix PM – Offers an online practice management system that includes group calendaring, docket management, client management and marketing, time and billing, case and document management and more.
  2. LawRD  – A practice management system with features including management reports, time tracking, matter management, contact management and a billing sheets generator among others.
  3. Rocket Lawyer – Connects lawyers with customers who seek online legal services from the Rocket Lawyer site. A monthly or annual subscription includes alerts from clients seeking legal services, access to a library of legal documents and online marketing tools.
  4. Genbook )  -Embeds a “Book Now” button on your web page so potential clients can schedule an appointment.
  5. Bill4Time  Provides time and expense tracking, billing services at both hourly and flat fee rates, invoicing, trust accounting, and integration with QuickBooks. 

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