Are You Worried About Hacked Accounts and Corrupted Files? Secure Your Files with SmartFile

Do you rely heavily on an email service for your business transactions and are scared about getting your account hacked? Are you sharing your computer with other people and worried about having your important files copied, stolen or deleted? These are just some of the problems businesses and even ordinary individuals face everyday.

We all know how vulnerable email services are to hackers and viruses. Files from your computer may be corrupted or lost for a variety of reasons. What do you do when you have files you can’ t afford to lose or information other people can’t have access to? Looking for the best online storage sites that can provide the necessary protection for your files is the best solution to all your security concerns.

The best service will have security features such SSL encrypted channels so unauthorized individuals won’t have access to your files. The advanced file control feature offered by SmartFile allows you to determine authorized individuals who can have access to your accounts. You can also set permission levels so specific groups of people can only access specific folders. Instead of sending files through an email service, which can take time, you email big files by simply sending an authorization link to your clients where they can access your documents.

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SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.