Let's Build File Management Together

Customize SmartFile to your needs. Our on-premise solution can be customized to your file transfer and management needs with various access and user-experience changes.


The Building Blocks of SmartFile

Enterprise File Sharing Server


Servers, networks, and storage that provides basic connectivity.



Deployment tools, monitoring, and security added for management and control of infrastructure.

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Performs low level security, checks access permissions, and logs actions while directing workflow.

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Accepts incoming request and returns responses. Manages authentication to all SmartFile functions.

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The public face of the application. Adaptive to work on any device and modern web browser.

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The user interactions with the application. Can be modified based on client needs.

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SmartFile Infrastructure Layer

SmartFile Infrastructure Layer

Servers: SmartFile servers are based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Libvirt visualization is utilized for it's direct support in the linux kernel. Multiple virtual machines are run to take advantage of isolating services and functions for pin-point scaling if heavily utilized functions or features.

Networks: SmartFile utilizes virtual networks for communication within our system. This enables finer access and control of inter-server communication and flow.

Storage: SmartFile can utilize a multitude of storage option for use with out on-site appliance. Options include internal storage, connecting to existing NAS or SAN, or mounting an SMB share to access data. To accommodate large data needs, a Distributed File System on dedicated nodes is available.

Customize A Solution To Your Needs

SmartFile is not like the other file sharing providers you may know, who force you to fit into their product. Instead, SmartFile is delivers a custom solution that fits you. Whether it is; file sharing, ftp, storage, automation, user management, integrations, user workflows…whatever your scenario is, our appliance can be customized to solve your company's problem. Let's build an appliance for your company and solve I.T. issues together.

Connect to Your Network Storage

physical connection

Front-end management and secure access options to your network storage

A physical appliance can simply be used as a front end to your existing network storage. Enable a secure and unified way to access files across your internal network and external contacts. Take advantage of existing infrastructure investments and use SmartFile to manage your files.

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virtual connection

Integrate a virtual appliance into your environment

A virtual install can be used to take advantage of existing virtual environments. Whether your company is using vmware, Citrix, Microsoft, or Redhat, SmartFile is storage agnostic and can easily install in any environment. A large number of virtual machines are broken up for maximum scaling and performance.

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windows server connection

Use SMB connections to manage and share Windows server files

Connect your Windows storage environment for even more secure access. Interact with files the same way locally, but with added compliance and control as SmartFile logs all events. The scalability options are endless with the ability to connect multiple Windows Servers and multiple network storage devices.

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availability connection

Safeguard accessibility of your files for business continuity and disaster recovery

Ensure you never lose access to your important files. SmartFile can provide a dedicated appliance for high availability and/or failover.

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virtual listing connection

Unite multiple appliances and/or FTP servers

Setup an appliance to manage and monitor other devices across the globe. The master appliance will display virtually mapped files from other devices. Now, geographically diverse SmartFile appliances or FTP servers can be connected to enable virtual access to files and folder listings. It is a single point of control for a globally scaled environment.

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global connection

Ensure your files can be quickly accessed around the world

Take advantage of co-location and mirrored replication to connect multiple deployments across the globe. Users can gain quick access to files locally on the SmartFile appliance, while synchronizing with SmartFile appliances installed at office locations around the world.

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Are you interested in learning more? We can customize our appliance to fit your needs, no matter the scale.

We're a global company and SmartFile helps us transfer files internally across countries. I like the logging, security features and the limited time access capabilities for files. It also ensures that files are traceable and sent securely and it's really easy to see who has access and who does not.
- Andrew Webster, Senior Systems Administrator, Chervon North America