Why You Should Resell SmartFile

Your Product

Scalable and Branded Product

Every new site, system email and text inside the application has your company name. SmartFile is 100% transparent. Add more storage anytime to easily scale.

Admin Controls

Powerful Admin Controls

Add unlimited child sites. Control storage and transfer quotas for each. Apply custom branding to each child site. All from an easy-to-use interface.

Your Clients

100's of Ways to Sell

Sell to your clients and customers with ease. Whether FTP, file sharing, online storage, HIPAA compliance, or file delivery with notifications, the choice is yours.

SmartFile Support

SmartFile System & Support

All files are hosted, scanned, and backed up on our proven SmartFile storage appliances. We will also help deliver marketing materials and other support.

Green Partner Platform

Green is more than a color at SmartFile, but rather a way of thinking. Green is a culture of openness, collaboration, and innovation.

The Green Partner Platform isn't a group of members, a set of exclusive features, or a product in general; it's a way of being endoctrined into the SmartFile culture. For all new resellers it is important that SmartFile enables them to have the necessary information, tools, ideas, and community support to properly sell and be successful. We believe our resellers are not just customers, but advocates of SmartFile. Therefore our Green Partner Platform will enable you to be an intricate part of feature suggestions, development road maps, and community access.

"Our resellers are a big part of the SmartFile family. We always want them to feel embraced by our open culture and to gain the same passion for file sharing as we do."

John Hurley
President & CEO, SmartFile

White Label Pricing

Starter Reseller
$100 / month
  • 200 GB Storage

  • Unlimited Sites

  • Free Wildcard SSL

  • Marketing Included

Smart Reseller
$200 / month
  • 500 GB Storage

  • Unlimited Sites

  • Free Wildcard SSL

  • Marketing Included

Smarter Reseller
$300 / month
  • 1 TB Storage

  • Unlimited Sites

  • Free Wildcard SSL

  • Marketing Included

Need More Space?
  • 1+ TB Storage

  • Unlimited Sites

  • Free Wildcard SSL

  • Marketing Included

Questions about pricing? Non-profits? Invoicing? Payment types? Check out our FAQ section or email us.

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Your company logo, colors, and domain

Your Identity Not Ours

SmartFile is completely transparent to your customers. Use your logo, your domain, and even your billing to start offering file sharing today.

Your clients, your offerings

Value Added Solution

If you aren’t providing your clients a file sharing solution, someone else is. SmartFile’s turnkey solution allows you to provide continued value and expertise to clients.

Your admin panel

Easy to Manage

Our proprietary administration panel allows you to easily manage your client’s sites. Control your client’s storage, transfer, and usage in one place.

You let SmartFile do the work

Our Platform

Updates, uptime and innovation are just a few benefits you get by using our web-based platform. Let our reliable and proven platform serve your customers.

SmartFile will help you

Not Just Technical Support

You need a partner that invests in you and your brand. SmartFile will share best practices and content to make you a file-sharing expert.

Want to talk? Call 877-336-3453, and we will answer all your questions.