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On-premise file management without increased hassle.


CBTS provides a complete suite of end-to-end IT and communications solutions that allow businesses and organizations to improve operational efficiency, enable innovation, mitigate risk and reduce expenditures.

Whether your goal is to build a complex architecture, implement a dynamic cloud strategy, deploy a unified communications solution, utilize managed data center services, or protect your data from unforeseen occurrences, CBTS is fully equipped to meet your infrastructure and service needs. See more at


CBTS’s consulting group provides technology audits for Fortune 500 companies, which consists of an in-depth reviews and a comprehensive report of findings and recommendations. Due to the sensitive nature of the content, CBTS must deliver these large audit reports in a secure fashion.

CBTS had developed internal tools to assist in delivering these reports to their customers. However, managing their internal tool became increasingly problematic. Enhancements, updates, and general management were cumbersome because their tool wasn’t a core competency of their business. CBTS couldn’t move to a SaaS based solution because the files needed to stay hosted behind their firewalls. They desperately desired a solution that automated software updates and took the onus of managing a file sharing solution off of their IT group.


SmartFile was able to deliver a file sharing solution that met CBTS’s needs and simplified the lives of their IT team. SmartFile’s easy-to-use combination of hardware and software bundled into a single server enabled IT to take a more hands off approach. They no longer had to manage their internal tool, and IT could sit back while SmartFile took care of software updates and hardware maintenance. It was the added security and compliance of an on-premise solution with ease of management that typically only SaaS deliveries can provide.

Additionally, SmartFile’s ability to safely delegate user management downstream permitted IT to empower consultants to create users for their customers without the concern of granting access beyond the intended files/folders. Day-to-day involvement of IT was eliminated, and IT’s remaining involvement corresponded with scheduling times for SmartFile to push software updates though an authorized VPN tunnel. They had one less hassle, and they didn’t even have to move to the cloud to attain it.

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Name: CBTS


Industry: Technology Solutions

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