Case Study - RowdMap

A streamlined tool for dealing with incoming data from sources across the country.

About the Client

RowdMap is a web-based health profit intelligence platform that enables healthcare organizations to make strategic decisions. RowdMap works with health plans, physician groups and hospitals to study their business ecosystems and use data analysis to assist them in making informed decisions. With RowdMap’s data-driven solutions, providers can be higher performers and develop better relationships with their clients.

The Challenges

RowdMap deals in data and, with the recent open data initiative from the US government, increasing amounts of data were becoming available from sources across the country. RowdMap needed a streamlined tool for dealing with all the incoming data they received, one that would pull in the data, process it and move it into databases for analysis. They also needed help building automated ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) practices in order to reduce costs and improve data quality.

The platform would also need to be intuitive for clients, making it easy to upload data. Since some of that data could potentially contain personal health information (PHI), they also needed a platform that was HIPAA compliant. To find a secure file management platform, RowdMap hired someone to search, full-time, for a suitable solution. When the results came in, SmartFile was at the top of the list for features RowdMap needed.

The Solution

RowdMap started using several features of SmartFile’s file management platform. RowdMap was able to create a branded UI for data submissions from clients. By creating user accounts, clients could go in and connect to the site where they could easily drag-and-drop data. RowdMap would then get email alerts that clients had uploaded data.

Because of the sensitive and critical nature of the files, RowdMap needed high uptime, which SmartFile delivered. Here’s what Burak Sezen, co-founder and CIO had to say on that topic, “SmartFile’s uptime has been fantastic, kudos to you guys. We have been using SmartFile regularly for a while and never ever have downtime. You can’t really say that for other vendors offering similar solutions.”

“SmartFile’s UI is the first interface we have with our clients from a data perspective, so having that be attractive and easy to use helps set the tone for the data work we do.” -- Adam

RowdMap used SmartFile’s API to fully integrate with their system in less than 2 hours. The API integration gave their internal staff the ability to upload data to an external platform with ease and automate files they received from clients.

“SmartFile’s API, which is very easy to use by the way, lets us pull in the files, list them, do data processing on them all in a very automated way, it’s fantastic. Whenever we’ve had questions, their customer service was suburb as well.” - Luke Sapan, Software Engineer at RowdMap

Company Profile

Name: rowdmap


Industry: Software

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