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RW Pierce Ltd. helps its clients to prevent fraud, through the use of innovative security print products & confidential printing services. Their world leading security technology and highly skilled workforce produce a whole range of high integrity, original documentation protected against unauthorized alteration, reproduction or counterfeiting. The nature of their work requires them to maintain the highest level of quality procedures and IS protocols. See more at


As an Ireland based company that serves many other European businesses, RW Pierce Ltd. and its clients are governed by EU Data Protection laws, which dictate certain data may not be hosted outside of the European Union. The data location requirements presented a challenge for delivering RW Pierce’s CopyVault® technology. CopyVault®, an on-premise or cloud hosted solution, converts electronic or hard copy documents into PDF format. While doing so, the contents are extracted and stored as metadata for faster and more robust search capabilities. The electronic files and metadata subsequently needed to reside in a location that would enable remote access and search functionality.

An easy option would have been to integrate with an existing SaaS file sharing solution, but per the EU Data Protection laws, high percentages of the data captured needed to reside in the EU. Additionally, the delivery needed to include the option for RW Pierce’s clients to be able to host CopyVault® within their network.


SmartFile entered the equation and provided RW Pierce with the remote access and search function necessary for clients to further leverage CopyVault®. SmartFile became part of the CopyVault® solution and enabled RW Pierce to host the files within their EU datacenters. When CopyVault® is installed within their clients network, SmartFile can be delivered alongside as part of their seamless integration. Two significant features beyond SmartFile’s delivery capabilities cemented SmartFile as a logical partner. Our HTML5 Responsive Design User Interface delivered the wide availability across all mobile devices, all browsers and all operating systems that RW Pierce needed, and SmartFile’s utilization of ElasticSearch to allow complex querying of files and OCR content search complimented the CopyVault® extraction and storage of OCR metadata.

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Name: RW Pierce


Industry: Document Solutions

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