Why Use SmartFile Developer?

SmartFile Developer is a free set of file management API tools that you can use for a number of projects. Here are three quick reasons that SmartFile can help you write less code and worry less about security, all while using the best file sharing API.

The most file sharing API endpoints

More Endpoints

We have the most file sharing API endpoints, 38 and counting. Everything from basic path interaction and creation to more complex functions, user management, and activity monitoring.

Develop rapidly through live docs

Rapid Development

Develop faster with our file toolset! Add file permissions, folder access, indexed search, user authorization, and much more to your files and folders from anywhere on the web.

No code to support

Less Worry

With no code to support and built-in file security, you will spend less time worrying and more time creating! Integrate with ease with our RESTful API and OAuth or basic authentication.

SmartFile Developer community

Growing Community

Join the community and start a discussion. You don't need to sign up or have an account. Everyone is welcome to visit the forums for help, information, suggestions, and feedback.


Developer Testimonials

"I have to say your API is an absolute pleasure to use. Your Python API made it almost too easy to integrate with our system. I had it fully integrated in less than two hours."

Luke Sapan

"With a few lines of code I no longer have to manage code, infrastructure, or security for our images."

Bryan Neely

"Then we grew into using the SmartFile API which gives us better access and control than available through plain FTP."

Geoff Allen
Satin Software

"Of all the Dropbox, Google Drive, and straight up FTP packages I saw out there, SmartFIle seemed the most attractive when it comes to file sharing and FTP."

Seth Elalouf
Knitting Fever

6 Unique API Features


Convert one file format to another. Persistent and ephemeral modes of operations give you two options for converting certain file types to others.

See documentation


Search for paths matching criteria within a given scope (path). Keyword queries search both path names and file contents. Min/max size and date allow range queries that can help find paths of a particular size or age.

See documentation


Create and manage public or private links to your files and folders. Set expiration dates, limit usage, and assign access permissions to your links.

See documentation


View activities for your site. Keep track of users, groups, files, and folders. A large array of activities can be tracked and reported.

See documentation


Create and manage users on the fly. Assign custom roles which you specify specific rights for different users.

See documentation


Create and manage groups of users. These groups share access permissions and preferences for increased efficiency.

See documentation

SmartFile Developer Use Case Scenarios

How can you start using SmartFile Developer right now? We've laid out a few common use case scenarios that might serve as inspriation to use SmartFile Developer for your next project. Our file management toolset allows you to not only easily interact with files, but also manage users as well. Check it out, it's free!

Archive your application data

Store and Retrieve Application Data

Fast and reliable storage for you to integrate into your application.

Host your images or media

Host and Serve Images, Video, and other Media

Serve your large video files and other media for your application.

Use SmartFile as a CDN

Distribute and Host Website Content

Host your static website content and save storage and bandwidth.

Automated offsite data backup

Store, Archive, and Backup Data

Play it safe and archive your data with redundancy and easy access.

Amazon S3 / Rackspace Comparison

  SmartFile Developer Amazon S3 Rackspace
API Endpoints 38 5 14
Free Tier Storage 100 GB 5 GB None
Free Tier Transfer 200 GB 15 GB None
Free Tier API Requests Unlimited 20,000 None
Web Interface Yes No Yes
Live Documentation Yes No No
File Size Limit None 5 TB 5 GB
Inherit FTP Access Yes No No

Developer Pricing

API based access only, no web interface (UI)

  • 100 GB Storage

  • 200 GB Transfer (out)

  • Unlimited Transfer (in)

  • Unlimited API Calls

  • 1 User

  • FTP Access

  • Phone Support

$50 / month
  • 500 GB Storage

  • 1 TB Transfer (out)

  • Unlimited Transfer (in)

  • Unlimited API Calls

  • Unlimited Users

  • FTP Access

  • Phone Support

$100 / month
  • 1 TB Storage

  • 2 TB Transfer (out)

  • Unlimited Transfer (in)

  • Unlimited API Calls

  • Unlimited Users

  • FTP Access

  • Phone Support

$150 / month
  • 3 TB Storage *

  • 6 TB Transfer (out) *

  • Unlimited Transfer (in)

  • Unlimited API Calls

  • Unlimited Users

  • FTP Access

  • Phone Support

  • * = $0.06 / GB for Overages

Ready to jump in? It's a free account, there is no commitment required.

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