The Throwback Video Games SysAdmins and IT Love

When you think of your favorite throwback game, what comes to mind? In honor of SysAdmin Day on July 29th, we asked Spiceheads which video games they loved and fondly remembered.

Now, we know Spiceheads run the gamut of ages, so “throwback” means a little something different to everyone. To include everyone, we created a list of all the video games, their systems and the years they were released as well as some observations from contributors. Have fun sorting through these “throwback” games and let us know if we missed your favorite in the comments below! Continue reading “The Throwback Video Games SysAdmins and IT Love”

25 Things Programmers Say

Being a programmer or developer is not for the faint of heart. Between much testing and countless errors, programmers start saying some amusing things. Our developers at SmartFile are no exception, and may or may not have been the source of inspiration for this piece.

Below is a list of 25 things programmers say, with a graphic to share with your colleagues and friends. Have you been caught using these phrases? Comment below!

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Using SmartFile to Share Photos with Clients

I don’t know about you, but to me, it feels pretty outdated for a wedding photographer to send photographs on a compact disc or DVD. With the variety of platforms and other methods (like FTP) to send sizeable images, a CD seems like the least efficient and protected method.

Not only are CDs prone to loss and scratches, but a photographer would have to choose between using many CDs to save all of the photos or reducing the image quality to save everything on one disc. Continue reading “Using SmartFile to Share Photos with Clients”

The Business Cloud FTP Server

Does your business need a way to share files? Sure, every company does. The problem arises when you need to decide between a cloud tool or an FTP server hosted on your network for file sharing.

The cloud file sharing tool is often easier to use, but you can’t access it via an FTP client, you can’t always secure it, you’ll struggle to send massive files and you don’t always know who owns the data.

On the other hand, your FTP server usually requires a clunky FTP client, lacks device access, has weak reporting and it has limited access options.

That said, there is an answer — the cloud FTP server. With it, you can make this decision yesterday’s news. Keep reading to find out how the cloud FTP server delivers the best of both worlds with regard to cloud file sharing and FTP servers. Continue reading “The Business Cloud FTP Server”

Buzzwords 2.0: High Availability and Failover

Downtime. The word strikes dread into the core of an IT professional. Downtime creates an entrance into a labyrinth of longer maintenance hours, impatient managers and the possibility of unwanted overtime.

Growing businesses are demanding reliable infrastructure that reduces downtime and points of failure, making the terms “high availability” and “failover” are more popular than ever. Aside from tech buzzwords, what are the tangible implications for managers or business owners? Continue reading “Buzzwords 2.0: High Availability and Failover”

10 Reasons File Sync Sucks

A lot of file sharing solutions offer file sync tools. While sync can be nice for personal use, it can wreak havoc on any IT professional’s day in a business setting. Whether that’s user error, provider error, slow bandwidth or a hardware problem, it will always be an IT bottleneck. These are major reasons why we don’t do file sync here at SmartFile. File sync has become an unnecessary annoyance on IT and causes more problems than it solves.

In this article, you’ll discover 10 reasons why file sync sucks, and we’ll give you a few smarter alternatives. The goal? To give an IT pro some ammunition the next time management in your business demands file syncing!

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HR Hack: Create a Human Resources Portal for Resumes

Resume, curriculum vitae, whatever you want to call it, these documents can take up a lot of room on the Human Resources server. With most job listings getting an average of 118 people applying to them, a hiring manager could drown in the deluge. Continue reading “HR Hack: Create a Human Resources Portal for Resumes”