What is Hybrid Cloud Storage and Should You Leverage It?

Between the private cloud, public cloud and traditional IT infrastructure, senior IT personnel like CIOs and CTOs are being forced to make important decisions regarding where their data lives and how it’s served up. This is a daunting task, isn’t it?

If you find yourself in this position, you need to ask yourself some tough questions like:

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Ambitious Stupidity: Why Hope is Not a Strategy for Managing IT Projects

Recently I was at a conference for business and one of the speakers, when talking about scaling up a business to become larger, said, “Ambitious stupidity is the most dangerous type of stupidity.”

That has stuck with me ever since because in that moment I realized that this is something we deal with on a regular basis when managing IT projects. All too often, we see IT projects that new and prospective clients have undertaken without truly planning for it as well as making other major assumptions that should have never been made.

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Patient Access to Electronic Health Records Shouldn’t Be So Hard

Infertility is a medical issue faced by many, but, as with most medical treatments or issues, it’s one we don’t talk about. When it comes to the sensitive information discussed in appointments, through emails, mail or in a client portal, the only people who should be privy to that information are the patient or couple and the doctor. With the amount of pain that couples struggling with fertility experience, having their troubles accidentally be made public should never happen.

And yet it does, not just in fertility treatment centers, but in doctors’ offices and hospitals across the country. Whether it’s through intentional access, like what happened in a Northwest Indiana hospital, or unintentional, patients’ health records are more at risk than ever before. In fact, one in three patients have had their health records breached in the span of only one year — 2015. Continue reading “Patient Access to Electronic Health Records Shouldn’t Be So Hard”

Vertical Computer Monitor: Making the Big Tilt

As you stroll through the SmartFile offices, you will notice that our developers have a different desk setup than our other team members. In between desktops full of Pop Tarts, action figures and SmartFile coffee mugs, you’ll see that developers look at things a little differently.

Say hello to the developer’s friend — the vertical computer monitor. While the 90-degree shift may seem odd to some, the use of vertical monitors is commonplace among code-writers. I sat down with two of our developers to weigh the pros and cons of this desk setup. In doing this, I also found out how to display 82% more code, so keep reading to find out how!

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Intro to Distributed Computing with Python over a LAN

To some, a personal supercomputer or cluster for home or business is planted firmly in the realm of Those Who Have Too Much Money. For others who know better, there’s the Beowulf Cluster.

Essentially, a Beowulf Cluster is a set of normal consumer machines networked together to crunch data as a single entity. In this article, we’re going to cover using distributed computing with Python over a LAN to create a Beowulf Cluster so you can improve computing power and efficiency without breaking the bank.

We’ll be taking a look at making your own Beowulf Cluster using equipment you probably already have and some open-source software. The individual pieces are listed below. Without further ado, let’s begin our intro to distributed computing with Python over a LAN!

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Hidden FTP Risks For Marketing Agencies

Are you a marketing agency that sends files to or receives files from a client? Who are we kidding, of course you are! From graphic design .psd files to web design mockups to blog posts, sending work back and forth with a client is something you do every day. How do you do it? Email can get stingy with size limits, so what do you turn to? Typically, it’s an FTP server set up between you and a client.

Marketing agencies send a variety of files through the FTP method:

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Secure Tax Document Sharing for Grant Writers

Grant writers work with a variety of sensitive documents. An individual grant writer can store their livelihood and their clients’ personal information on their computer, without needing a complex setup. However, a business that relies on harnessing the power of multiple grant writers requires a complex solution of on-premises storage and cloud-based software that can allow grant writers to send tax documents securely. Prosperity Ag & Energy Resources is one such company. Continue reading “Secure Tax Document Sharing for Grant Writers”

The FTP Roundup

Everybody’s favorite #throwback file transfer method, FTP, is the foundation of file sharing. In fact, SmartFile was started as a simple web-based FTP manager, so it has a special place in our hearts.

That said, we’ve written a lot about what FTP is, the secure way to transfer files over FTP and even how to build an FTP server. Below, you can find all of our best content on the topic of FTP in this FTP roundup.

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