What is Containerization and Has It Killed Virtualization?

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Virtualization has been around for a while now, but it’s future might be limited. Containerization, per some industry experts, is the next wave. Since containerization isn’t nearly as popular of a term just yet, but it could be exploding here in the near future, you’re probably wondering, “what is containerization?”

We turned to an industry expert experienced with containerization for a lot of help in this article. That expert is Nick Espinosa, the CIO at BSSi2, an IT Consultancy based out of South Barrington IL. They can help you with backup and recovery, virtualization, email and spam protection and more. Check out their website at BSSi2.com.

Keep reading to find out what Nick had to say regarding containerization and why virtualization might be a thing of the past… Continue reading

What’s Better For Agile Development Teams — Specialists or Generalists?

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Are you an agile development expert? Then you’re confident that you know the right mix to make your agile development team excel. When we asked experts on agile development to weigh in on forming an agile team, we got a few responses that contradicted one another.

Some agile development teams lean heavy on specialists for their efficiency. Others wanted a mix of generalists and specialists because that was more optimal for them. Here’s how our agile development experts broke down their ideal teams: Continue reading

Avoid Server Sprawl With This Expert’s Tips

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Server sprawl occurs when your team has an excessive amount of servers, creating unneeded complexity. Essentially, it’s an inefficient use of resources because the vast majority of servers are not utilized to their full capacity.

This is caused by poor planning. Planning your infrastructure can be difficult as your business scales, and acquiring and implementing more physical servers can often seem easier than virtualizing servers.

We turned to an industry expert, Jen Martinson, the General Manager for Secure Thoughts, for some insight into server sprawl. Here is what she had to say… Continue reading

What is Server Consolidation and Why Should You Do It?

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Server Consolidation is a popular way to make more efficient use of hardware and resources. It’s a terrific way for IT to save their budget, especially considering that so few servers are used to their full capacity.

What is Server Consolidation?

Server consolidation is a way to make a more efficient IT environment by combining servers or replacing legacy servers with virtual systems, the cloud or SaaS products.

Server consolidation is exactly what it sounds like, essentially your consolidating hardware for more effective use. Continue reading

Why Some Teams are Avoiding Windows Server 2003 Replacement

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There are tens of thousands of servers still using Windows Server 2003 despite the fact that it’s past it’s end of life. This means that security services are no longer supported by Microsoft.

We wanted to ask some leading consultants in the industry why they thought some businesses were taking a while to move away from Windows Server 2003. Here are their interesting responses!

Reason #1 — Lack of Funds

This one is obvious. Financial reasons are a major culprit behind many IT bottlenecks. While large corporations can afford to upgrade, smaller organizations, such as non-profits, can’t afford to upgrade software and hardware. Continue reading

Curveball System Administrator Interview Questions & Tasks

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We wanted to help sysadmins in the interview process and also help hiring managers identify the best sysadmin talent! So we asked the best and brightest IT and hiring managers for some of their favorite system administrator interview questions and curveball tasks.

System Administrator Interview Questions

There was a lot of unique feedback from hiring managers and even C-level folks regarding system administrator interview questions.

Some folks, like Eric Lyublinksy, Co-Founder and National Director of IT Recruiting at Valintry, liked to ask very targeted questions regarding prior experience in an interviewee’s exact role. Eric said: Continue reading