My Favorite File Sharing App is Blocked. Help Me, SmartFile!

We get it — you were just trying to do your job. All you wanted was to share that large file with your coworker, client or boss. But alas, your favorite file sharing method has been blocked. Don’t worry — you’re not alone.

Today businesses are moving away from the BYO trend, whether devices (BYOD) or cloud (BYOC) apps, because of the risks they bring in from lack of oversight and transparency for corporations. Continue reading “My Favorite File Sharing App is Blocked. Help Me, SmartFile!”

Swinging for the Fences: Why Selling the Best Solutions Brings the Best Clients

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

These words, spoken by the remarkable Sean Stephenson (who knows a thing or two about pain and suffering), have been resonating with me lately. We, as humans, are going to experience some kind of pain, but what we do not have to experience is suffering. And while some take this pain and learn from it, others let it needlessly linger. Continue reading “Swinging for the Fences: Why Selling the Best Solutions Brings the Best Clients”

A Hack in the Backyard: How 3 Steps Can Help Your Business Avoid a Data Breach

In a world where we all try to be ever-vigilant of threats, it’s frustrating when small, innocuous things slip through our defenses.

Such is the case of a local restaurant in Indianapolis called Scotty’s Brewhouse that fell victim to a data breach. Over the last weekend, managers of the restaurant discovered that the personally identifiable information (PII) of their 4,000-strong workforce had been exposed.

In this case, it wasn’t an obviously malicious attack, it was as simple as an employee responding to an email. Keep reading to figure out what happened and learn how to deal with a social engineering data breach. Continue reading “A Hack in the Backyard: How 3 Steps Can Help Your Business Avoid a Data Breach”

The Terrorist in Your Toaster: The Next Generation of IoT Hacking

When I was five, my parents got me a robot. Connected to a wired controller, I could move it back and forth, raise its arms, flash lights and plenty of other awesome things that would spark any child’s imagination. I loved that robot even though it sucked in a few different ways.

It made me want to improve it and I would dream of ways it could be better, like having it talk to other robots and machines (I was a tad too young for The Terminator at this point) or making it do things for me. Thanks to the internet and the advancement of robotics, my boyhood dreams are coming true. Continue reading “The Terrorist in Your Toaster: The Next Generation of IoT Hacking”

How to Use PowerShell to Watch For and Report File Changes

I have been spending more time using Windows in recent months and as a result, have been exploring PowerShell. It is refreshing to work with a Windows-based scripting language. If you aren’t familiar with PowerShell already, I suggest you check it out. One area that is interesting to explore is PowerShell reporting scripts.

PowerShell is very convenient and flexible, especially for hacking together small scripts and tools. I am not a PowerShell expert, but the good news is that you don’t need to be to get started writing useful scripts. This ease of use is a great selling point for integrating PowerShell in general workflows for scripting and automation in Windows-based systems. Continue reading “How to Use PowerShell to Watch For and Report File Changes”

The Atomic Age of Renegades – Hacktivists, Activists and Terrorists

In 1942, siblings Hans and Sophie Scholl began secretly protesting the government in power of their country.

In an act of non-violent resistance, they created leaflets calling for the sabotage of the industrial complex that created munitions for the war and called for the overthrow of their government. Collectively known as White Rose, these siblings — along with a handful of students and philosophers — did what they could against the Goliath that was the Nazi war machine.

In January of 1943, they were captured and executed in February of that year. To this day, they act as a symbol of resistance and freedom against tyranny. Several new groups have taken up Hans and Sophie’s cause in their own countries to resist the regimes they reside under. Continue reading “The Atomic Age of Renegades – Hacktivists, Activists and Terrorists”

The Ever-Increasing Cost of a Data Breach

Data breaches have been so common in professional businesses and retail in the last 5 or so years that, like stink bug invasions or polar vortex freezes, people simply accept them as a fact of life.

As individuals have found out, banks can cover most of the damage that a company’s financial data breach can do to their bank accounts or credit cards. But when it comes to personal data like social security numbers, birthdays and health records — data that can’t be changed — there isn’t much that can be done.

On the company side, a breach can devastate a small business and be incredibly costly to enterprises. And with every breach, trust in a company flags. As the Ponemon Institute’s recent Cost of Data Breach Study: United States report points out, the biggest financial cost to companies is in the form of lost business. Continue reading “The Ever-Increasing Cost of a Data Breach”

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider FTP Cloud Storage

FTP has been the staple of the IT industry since Bill Gates was a college student. FTP has many applications and one of them is FTP cloud storage. Basically, FTP cloud storage is the convenience of cloud storage (such as remote access) with the foundation and consistency of FTP to upload and download the files.

How is FTP cloud storage different from FTP for file transfers? The technology isn’t different, the use case is different. FTP cloud storage is mainly used for storing data and accessing files remotely. FTP without cloud storage is essentially used for transferring data to another server or computer. If you want a quick intro to FTP, check out this FTP roundup, otherwise keep reading to find out four benefits of FTP cloud storage. Continue reading “4 Reasons Why You Should Consider FTP Cloud Storage”

The Sacrifice of Ourselves to Technology: When Our Privacy Is No Longer Private

The altar of technology demands many sacrifices.

We sacrifice our time by keeping current with the endless streams of social media and news. We sacrifice a bit of our wealth in the constant desire to keep up with the latest technology that promises to be only slightly more convenient or innovative than the previous model.

We can even sacrifice our personal security by using “free” services that easily store our information for us, but are also susceptible to breach and thus exposure of our sensitive data. However, the largest sacrifice we, as a society, offer to the altar of technology is the loss of many aspects of personal privacy and it would seem that most of us are frankly okay with this. Continue reading “The Sacrifice of Ourselves to Technology: When Our Privacy Is No Longer Private”