Network File Management Across Multiple Devices

filehub-venn | | Feature Focus, On-Premise Appliance

Does your company have existing network storage devices?
Do your employees access multiple mapped drives across your network?
Are you paying a 3rd party file sharing service to send and receive files online?
Does your company have an in-house FTP server?

There is a good chance that your network administrator is managing and responsible for some, if not all, of those tasks. That means time and money for each and depending on the size of the user-base it could be costly. What if you could combine those services and tasks into a single device? That is exactly what FileHubTM does. Reduced your paid services, management responsibilities, file redundancy, and much more with this amazing feature.

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Against the Grain: Not Charging Per User in File Sharing

user-money | | File Sharing, Industry Thoughts

Large businesses have become accustomed to getting charged per user (or seat) on many business software applications. This type of cost has been the standard for a long time, so it’s typical for business to expect this and for typical software companies to implement this. This is no different in the business file-sharing arena. Large corporations like Dropbox and Box have centered their business and enterprise models on charging a per user fee to use their applications.

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SmartFile Releases a Desktop Sync Client for Windows (Beta)

smartfile-desktopsync | | Feature Focus, SmartFile News

SmartFile has recently released a desktop sync client for Windows (sorry Mac, we’re working hard to get to you soon)! This gives everyone another easy way to access and manage their files without even logging into SmartFile. This early release of the sync client is in beta with a few known issues, but we want to offer it to our customers free of charge to use as they please. All accounts have access to download and install the desktop sync (or you can easily restrict your users to disable the feature). Either way, SmartFile now offers local sync!

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The Importance of Activity Alerts – Email Notifications and File Sharing

Email activity alters for file sharing | | File Sharing, Industry Thoughts

Staying informed and up to date on certain activity is imperative. Some activity is more important that others, but just think of the social media notifications (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) that people receive everyday alerting them instantly to activity related to their accounts. Activity indications and alerts are built in features that have become a necessity to stay relevant in a fast-paced world.

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3 Ways to Improve Business Data Security

Data Security | | Industry Thoughts

Data security is an evolving and endless cycle that will always need to adapt to changes in the business and digital landscape.  In the ever-changing world we live in that is driven by innovation, new technologies will be introduced at the enterprise and consumer level that will change the way employees and clients interact with data.  It is vital that all businesses be aware of ways to easily increase data security and maintain control over the access and transfer of sensitive documents.

File sharing is culprit #1 when it comes to losing control over your data security.  More often, consumer based file sharing solutions (like Dropbox, Hightail, Mediafire, etc.) that are common with employees are mistaken for secure.  Businesses should be aware there are risks involved with allowing users to use consumer grade file sharing applications rather than a more business focused solution.  Here are 3 things that your business should focus on when looking for more data security.

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My Time At SmartFile

photo (1) | | SmartFile News

After about 40 blog posts and seemingly endless tweets and Facebook posts, my internship at SmartFile has come to an end.  It’s sad, but I have learned so much that I can only be grateful.  It has been an experience that has taught me lessons that will help me succeed in what I want to do.  Working under Kevin, our Creative Director, my understand of Marketing through social media and blog posts has grown so much to the point where it has become a passion for me.  Let’s look back at some of the things that I have taken from my experience here at SmartFile. Continue reading