How to Connect Using WebDAV on Windows and Mac

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SmartFile now supports WebDAV connections! Connect to your SmartFile account through your native file browser (explorer, finder, etc.) for easier access to all your files and folders. This post will go over how to connect to WebDAV via Windows and Mac. Let’s get started!

To connect to WebDAV please use the following:

Login: Your SmartFile username and password

*Note: Web browser access is not supported.

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The Affordable Sound Booth Guide

hurleystudios | | General Information

From the early days at SmartFile we saw the power of help videos. Most of these lived in our help section of the application. We found that users were more likely to press play than to click on the text documentation. The only problem was that our feature set was constantly evolving and the time to make these videos became increasingly difficult. The other issue was finding a quiet space to record. This wasn’t as much of an issue working out of our houses, but after moving into an office finding a place to record (without hearing everyone talk) was difficult.

Recently we moved into our fourth office, and one of my requirements was having a place to record videos. Unfortunately downtown office space comes at price, so our recording studio couldn’t take up much space. The first time I opened the door to our then utility closet, I didn’t see just a water heater, but a bona fide recording studio. So after making many adjustments we finished the studio, but not without wasting some time and money. Below is what we used and how did it on a budget.


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How to Connect Using FTPS, FTPES, SFTP, and FTP in FileZilla

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One of the big benefits and features of SmartFile is the ability to access your files through FTP or securely through FTPS, FTPES, or SFTP. SmartFile users can easily connect through any of these methods using their existing site URL, username, and password. I will walk you through how to connect to each through FileZilla. It’s very simple, so let’s get started!

1. When logged in thru FileZilla, select the site Manager icon in the far upper left hand of the toolbar.
2. Click ‘New Site’

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POODLE Attack: SSLv3 support will be dropped

poodle | | Online Security, SmartFile News

Beware of dog. POODLE is no longer the nice puppy you want to pet, rather it stands for “Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption”. This is a new security attack that makes SSLv3 dangerous by potentially allowing someone to steal your cookies, which is bad and could be taken advantage of by bad people. The flaw in SSLv3 is at least 15 years old and is used by most all ancient browsers (Internet Explorer 6 in particular) and some modern browsers and servers. Those affected will see an SSL connection error.

Does SmartFile support SSLv3?

Not anymore. SmartFile has stopped taking SSLv3 connections. Older browsers (IE 6 users on Windows XP) will not be able to use SmartFile, as well as API users that are trying to connect with old or insecure API clients. Contact us if you think you’re affected by this bug and you’re having trouble using SmartFile now.

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New Features That You Should Know About

new-features-10-9 | | Feature Focus, SmartFile News

Did you know about the all the new features inside SmartFile? We’ve recently released a lot of new features that improve our web application and API. Three of them you should know about right now are password protected links, expanded file previewer, and file thumbnails. These are features that customers have requested and now we’re delivering them to everyone! Read more about them below and try them out today.

Password Protected Shares – In the advanced options of your shares, you will now see a password field. Add extra protection to your files by enabling a password protected share. Click here to read more about this feature.

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