Permissions vs. Access vs. Groups

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You cannot have your cake, and eat it too. It is the quintessential challenge facing technology administrators looking for granular user permissions. Granularity breeds complexity, and SmartFile permissions are no different. The permissions can be very simple or very intricate.

I’ve written about complex permission before, but a more general question that keep arising is the difference between PERMISSIONS, ACCESS, and GROUPS.


Permissions are the file permissions assigned to the ‘Home Directory’. By default a user’s Home Directory Permissions will cascade down to all folders and files in the directory. GROUPS or ACCESS updates can explicitly change those permissions for files/folders within the Home Directory structure.

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Password Protected File and Folder Shares

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SmartFile is always making improvements based on customer feedback. This latest release of SmartFile includes an exciting new addition to our already robust file and folder shares, password protection! You can now add a password to any new or existing share through the ‘Advanced’ options. When anyone visits that share link they will be directed to a branded login page where they will have to correctly enter the password to access the file or folder contents. We’re pretty excited about it and we know that our customers will be as well.

How to Create a Password Protected Share

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File Management for 4000 Government Employees Comprising 26 Departments

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The County of Sonoma is comprised of 26 departments and agencies that provide a full range of services to the community. It encompasses over 1600 square miles. Sonoma County government has a history of providing excellent and responsive public service while operating under sound fiscal principles.

Sonoma County is located at the threshold between the commerce-driven San Francisco Bay Area and the spectacular beauty of northern California. The county extends over a diverse economy that includes a world-class wine region, stunning natural resources, and dozens of tourist destinations. See more at

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Do Small Companies Pose a Higher Risk of Job Loss?

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I read another story today where a local publicly traded company laid off a hundred people. It reminded me of a question that frequently arises during the interview process: “Is your “small” company capable of sustaining my employment?” It comes out a little differently each time, but that is what they’re asking. In an effort to be transparent, I have always said anything can happen; however, don’t let size fool you. You will always have a better feel for what’s going on behind the iron curtain at a small company than you ever would at a large one.

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5 Facts Every Compliance Manager Should Know About Millennials

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There is a new workforce of young people coming out of college that see the world differently. This generation, dubbed Millennials, is a unique group of young professionals that are unlike past generations for numerous reasons. Managers and business leaders need to understand how Millennials think and how their views differ from that of the current (and past) workforce.

We’ve outlined 5 facts that every compliance manager and business leader should know about Millennials. Here is an excerpt from a recent whitepaper:

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Network File Management Across Multiple Devices

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Does your company have existing network storage devices?
Do your employees access multiple mapped drives across your network?
Are you paying a 3rd party file sharing service to send and receive files online?
Does your company have an in-house FTP server?

There is a good chance that your network administrator is managing and responsible for some, if not all, of those tasks. That means time and money for each and depending on the size of the user-base it could be costly. What if you could combine those services and tasks into a single device? That is exactly what FileHubTM does. Reduced your paid services, management responsibilities, file redundancy, and much more with this amazing feature.

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