Curveball System Administrator Interview Questions & Tasks

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We wanted to help sysadmins in the interview process and also help hiring managers identify the best sysadmin talent! So we asked the best and brightest IT and hiring managers for some of their favorite system administrator interview questions and curveball tasks.

System Administrator Interview Questions

There was a lot of unique feedback from hiring managers and even C-level folks regarding system administrator interview questions.

Some folks, like Eric Lyublinksy, Co-Founder and National Director of IT Recruiting at Valintry, liked to ask very targeted questions regarding prior experience in an interviewee’s exact role. Eric said: Continue reading

What is Software Defined Storage (SDS) and How Did It Get Here?

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Software defined storage (SDS) is a fairly new tech-term related to pooling together storage assets, often at an Enterprise organization. Many media pundits are having difficulty fully defining the term, mainly because so many solutions out there exist that have a different technological back-end.

This confusion is okay at a high level, because ultimately IT is looking for solutions to storage scalability and connectivity and many variations on this concept work.

However, the devil’s always in the details, and not every solution works for every organization. If you’re just starting to look at this technology, take a look at this post for more direction as to where the solutions have been historically and where they’re moving to.

What Exactly Is Software Defined Storage (SDS)?

Since so many definitions exist for software defined storage, let’s start with a few qualifiers. Continue reading

Converting SmartFile API JSON Results to CSV

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Whether you’re trying to get your feet wet with SmartFile’s API or get a downloadable list of user, group or file behavior, JSON can be a great tool. With the help of an online tool, you can easily view your data so you can troubleshoot or audit data.

Step 1: Login

Login to your SmartFile account so that way you can return data. Once you login, open a new browser tab and visit this JSON to CSV converter — even if you don’t want to download a CSV. It will help you parse through the data quicker by giving you a preview. Continue reading

Track File Versions and Eliminate Accidentally Overwritten Files

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A long-awaited feature is here, file versioning! SmartFile’s file versioning feature lets you track and recall different versions of a file as they come in. This also helps you prevent accidentally overwriting files that share the same name in the same folder.

Note: File versioning is only available for Business Plus and Unlimited subscriptions.

Enabling File Versioning

To turn on file versioning, simply go into your SmartFile admin settings. Click Settings -> Versioning. This lets you select different settings based on your account level. Continue reading

Mapped Drive Access via Desktop Connector

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SmartFile has a way for users to access SmartFile via a mapped drive through a small application called the SmartFile Desktop Connector. This gives users the ability to interact with SmartFile through their local file explorer without any web browser or FTP client. Users can also drag-and-drop folders, share files, and many other functions through a right-click menu.

We have already received a lot of feedback about the Desktop Connector and so far it’s overwhelmingly positive…

Replacement for WebDAV, Dropbox, and Google Drive:

“I have used WebDav previously but wanted something I could mount. I was actually thinking it was just a way to store files, I was pleasantly surprised that I could share files too easily with it! I use Google Drive and Dropbox for file storage right now. However, I could see myself replacing those and treating SmartFile like my stand alone file server if this Desktop Connector, and any other tools like it in the future, continue to be useful.”

Perm Persaud
Owner of Ark Accounting

Continue reading

2 New SmartFile Features To Enhance Security

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In the past few weeks, we’ve snuck some new features into the SmartFile application. For you security techies, there’s two features you should be excited about that should help you protect your data.

New Feature #1 — Connection Type Records

With SmartFile, you can now see a lot of information regarding the way your users access data by checking out their connection method.
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