Add File Sharing to Your Existing Network Storage

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A few weeks ago, we decided to release a new feature as a part of our On-Premise Appliance.  FileHubTM was launched on April 1st with a lot of buildup and excitement surrounding announcement because it takes existing network storage to the next level.  We even used Edward Snowden and an informational site Is Your Data to help with promotion.  Let me explain why this feature can be so helpful. Continue reading

3 Easy Steps to Increase Company Security

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In 2013, the most common breaches were inadvertent misuse of data by insiders, according to Forrester Research.  If this is going to continue, security for internal risks needs to increase. But 42 percent of the workforce indicated that they had received training on how to stay secure at work, and only 57 percent say they are aware of their organization’s current security policies.  This needs to change.  You need to ask yourself, “What can be done to increase internal data security?” Here are some steps to follow to help accomplish that: Continue reading

Is Your Data Safe?

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Last week, we announced our new FileHubTM feature in a little bit different fashion.  Because SmartFile would be at Interop Las Vegas, we decided to release the website and also the infographic ”Is Your Data Safe?“  The reason that we did this was so that companies would understand how prevalent internal security risks have become.  After compiling a lot of data about security in companies, we put together the site using the poster child for internal data leaks: Edward Snowden.

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Interop 2014 Recap – SmartFile Unveils On-Premise File Sharing Appliance

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SmartFile recently attended Interop in Las Vegas (or Lost Wages as most know it) to promote our new enterprise file sharing offering.  We were there with one intent, to inform the public about how awesome or on-premise file sharing and network management appliance is…and I believe we succeeded!  The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and met with great response with a wide variety of business sectors from all over the world.

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The Next Revolution of Cloud Computing

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I’m currently reading Behind the Cloud by Marc Benioff. By the time I got to page four of the book, it introduced a metaphor that really made me think. It describes cloud computing as similar to a utility such as electric. Businesses originally used generators to power their trade. This was costly because you might generate more electricity than you needed and generators are expensive to install. Also, there is a cost to fuel those things. It was only natural for people to move to the electric grid and pay for what they used. This is the model that Cloud Computing and SaaS has followed until now. Continue reading