The LEGO server build

lego-build | | SmartFile News

SmartFile has done it. We’ve built the first ever LEGO server! It took us about 2 weeks and thousands of LEGO pieces to complete this masterpiece.  Watch the video below to see the entire process broken down into minutes through a time-lapse presentation.


The concept was simple, make a working server out of LEGO. Originally we wanted the server to have rails and be able to be racked into a server cabinet…but we decided to go with a more realistic approach of having it fit on a shelf in a cabinet instead. The hardware itself is from a 2U server but the actual build is designed to be the height of a 4U server. We didn’t know what obstacles we would run into, but we were confident that LEGOs and server hardware could work together without too much catastrophe.

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IE11 Not Submitting My Radio Button in Label

ie11radiobuttons | | General Information

It’s a common pattern to see a radio button inside a label in HTML5. It’s a very universal way to ensure that clicking the label will make the radio button select. This is of course assuming that your “for” and “id” match.

<label for="myradio" class="btn btn-large btn-block btn-warning">
    <input type="radio" value="1" name="myradio" id="myradio">
    <span class="active-label hide-it">Selected</span>
    <span class="inactive-label ">Select</span>

It is also a common practice to disable buttons on submit, especially on payment pages. In this case, I’m using the label as the button and hiding the radio button with CSS. When the form submits the label is disabled with the class and attribute.

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The Future! Forecast for Cloud Storage in 2018

cloud-storage | | Industry Thoughts

Read the quote below and let the information sink in for a second.  The numbers are a bit staggering and difficult to wrap your mind around, but nonetheless eye opening.

By 2018, it is reckoned that a whopping 3.6 billion people will be using cloud storage, having uploaded more than a trillion items including emails, photos and documents etc. That amounts to an Exabyte’s worth of data, which is an impossibly big number and looks something like 1,073,741,824GB. In fact it is so big, it is basically what astronomers use to count stars with.

From Sebastian Bos at Business2Business

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General Email Troubleshooting

email-troubleshoot | | General Information

I frequently get asked to troubleshoot computer problems. A friend asked me to help with email. I was simply told that there was trouble with email rather than a specific problem. Here are some of the things I checked to get to the root of the problem.

MX Records (Receiving Problem)

Verify your MX records at

These records should point to the servers that are set up to handle your email. A problem I once saw here is that MX records were configured to send emails to two different servers. One of these servers did not have the user set up that was having problems.

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Granting User Access & Permissions – A Beginner’s Guide

access-lock | | Feature Focus, Quick Tips, SmartFile News

As a new member of the SmartFile team, one of my first tasks was to create a SmartFile account and start exploring its features. Given my role as a Sales Representative, I want to be familiar with our features and have the ability to navigate the user interface.

As a new user, I found the interface to be extremely intuitive and user-friendly.  The process of generating folders, uploading documents and creating users was particularly streamlined and can be done in minimal steps.   My next thought was to create a basic scenario that touches on the granular permissions functionality that SmartFile provides.  This was the first process within the interface that slowed me down a bit. Most users of the SmartFile application have no problem setting up complex access and permission scenarios, but just in case you do, here was my initial experience and how I subsequently learned how to set up my desired user’s scenario.

Initial Attempt to Set Up Access

The scenario I had in mind was this:

A user has full rights to a particular folder, but only be able to see a certain file within another folder.

Permissions and access rights must be set for a user to establish this situation.  Being a new user to the system, I initially had a bit of difficulty distinguishing between the two.

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5 Facts Every Compliance Manager Should Know About Millennials

millennials-at-work | | General Information

There is a new workforce of young people coming out of college that see the world differently. This generation, dubbed Millennials, is a unique group of young professionals that are unlike past generations for numerous reasons. Managers and business leaders need to understand how Millennials think and how their views differ from that of the current (and past) workforce.

We’ve outlined 5 facts that every compliance manager and business leader should know about Millennials. Here is an excerpt from a recent whitepaper:

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