File Management for Agencies, Marketing and PR

With an easy-to-navigate UI that's branded with your agency's logos and colors, clients can view, download and upload approved files from any device without having to download an app or program.


Siloed Client Portal

You control which files a client has access to — they'll never be able to view another client's files or your internal files.

Custom Branding

From typing the URL in the browser to signing on to the web app, your branding is fluidly carried through the page. All that clients see is you.

Activity Notifications

Waiting for a file from a client? Set activity notifications that alert you with an email every time a client downloads or uploads a file.


Traditional connection methods not suitable for certain clients? Enhance security by giving clients access to connection methods you prefer.

Reign in Creative Files

The chance for file sprawl is never greater than with creative businesses like advertising, marketing and PR agencies. With constant communication and collaboration between creatives and clients, files have a tendency to get lost in vast email threads or end up floating in a cloud storage site somewhere.

Both email and personal cloud storage are inefficient and, in the case of personal storage, a security risk. With SmartFile, file management and sharing is conducted in one place that can be accessed from any device, anywhere. Size doesn't matter either — from sharing ad copy to .psd files, you can use one any of SmartFile's access portals to get the job done.

Agency File Management

SmartFile Features for Agencies

  • Use Any Browser or FTP Application
  • File Previews and Versioning
  • Self-Management (without IT)
  • Granular User Roles and Permissions
  • Powerful OCR Search

Complete Control Over Client Files

The simplest method is often the best, especially when it comes to sharing files with clients. With user roles and permissions, you can choose which files clients see. Create a folder just for them, and that's all they can access; no getting into your agency's files or peeping in on other clients' files. Set tracking options for when clients open, download or share a file and get an email notification when activity occurs — like when they finally approve that design file.

Have a lot of clients? Glad to hear it! Create as many user accounts as you need with our cloud Premium plan.

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Clive Skinner
SmartFile provides both a web interface and more traditional FTP connection methods which means we can cater to the needs of all our clients whatever their level of technical ability. The fact that the site is so easy to brand is a bonus!
- Clive Skinner, Head of Technology, Genius Digital LTD