Secure Global File Transfer for Suppliers and Manufacturers

Transfer sensitive and large files across departments and between suppliers and manufacturers with SmartFile.

Global File Access

SmartFile meets every requirement for transmitting and securing private electronic health data as required by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Activity Notifications

Get email notifications that inform you about file and user activity. Don't wait all day for an upload from your partners -- we'll let you know when it arrives.

File Versioning

Track multiple versions of bids, contracts, vendor proposals, design specs and diagrams that are exchanged between teams.

Analyze and Export Activity

SmartFile's audit and visual tools help you monitor user and file access to identify irregularities and outlying events.

Simplify Production by Eliminating Mundane and Critical File-Related Headaches

When taking bid decisions from multiple global suppliers, streamlining the engineering and purchasing joint decisions is difficult. File-related headaches shouldn&apo;t throttle your evaluation process.

Gives your departments and external collaborators a simple-yet-secure file sharing tool with various access methods (browser, FTP, mounted drive and Outlook plugin) to access, upload and manage files.

Secure File Management

SmartFile Features for Manufacturing

  • Multiple Deployment Options (On-premise & Cloud)
  • Granular User Roles and Permissions
  • Password Management Tools
  • Various Access Methods
  • Custom Branded Web Portal
  • Setup External Users or Send Secure Links

Stay On Top of Your Project with Activity Monitoring and Notifications

If your suppliers or manufacturers need access to your files directly, you can set them up with accounts in SmartFile. You can limit their access through permissions and then monitor file and user activity.

In addition, you can set up notifications so you're alerted when something happens to your most important files or when a new file is uploaded to a folder. This helps you keep your project moving.

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Andrew Webster
We're a global company, and SmartFile helps us transfer files internally across countries. I like the logging, security features and the limited time access capabilities for files. It also ensures that files are traceable and sent securely and it's really easy to see who has access and who does not.
- Andrew Webster, Senior Systems Administrator, Chervon North America