Easy File Management for Higher Education

Transfer files in a secure, convenient way across academia with SmartFile. Share anywhere, from the lecture hall to the lab, on any device.

Unrestricted File Sizes

Upload and share large research documents to academics in your state or across the world.

Advanced Sharing & Management

Send files to colleagues and students alike through your own branded UI. Set passwords, download limits or expiration dates.

File Versioning

Keep track of multiple versions whether collaborating with students or fellow academics.

Granular Permissions

Give students access to certain folders and not others or allow students to upload only for assignments, without seeing the work of other students.

Secure File Management for Academics Worldwide

SmartFile provides a file management platform that enables students and faculty to store, access, view, and share files anywhere. Schools can provide a unified interface that can be accessed on any devices and OS without having to install additional software. The best part is SmartFile can be bolted onto existing infrastructure to provide a scalable solution for any size institution.

Access research papers, articles or files through whichever method you prefer, whether it's an FTP client, the web portal or an Outlook plugin. With file versioning, you can work together with fellow academics and never worry about an overwritten file. Collaboration between colleagues has has never been safer or easier.

Education File Management

SmartFile Features for Education

  • Scalability
  • Granular User Roles and Permissions
  • Password Management
  • Activity Notifications
  • Automated File Actions
  • Powerful OCR Search

Students Can Submit Assignments from Anywhere

It's time to put the dog-ate-my-homework excuses to an end. SmartFile's web portal capabilities give students the chance to upload homework and assignments, whether text, image or video, from any device, anywhere. They won't need to download an app or program to get access to files; everything is available in the web browser.

Professors and teachers can track user activity and receive an email notification when student uploading, downloading or sharing occurs. They can also set certain permissions for access to files, including password protecting, deleting, downloading and sharing. SmartFile can help students stay accountable while giving them a reliable way to submit work.

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Thahn Ly
We choose SmartFile because it is user friendly, easy to setup, quick, efficient, and customizable. SmartFile has made sharing files with our contacts, clients, consultants, and between associates a whole lot quicker and easier.
- Thanh Ly, Senior Database Administrator, Albert A Webb Associates