Managed File Transfer (MFT) for Business

SmartFile offers a robust MFT service that adds additional security and compliance around all of your files and user activity.

An Alternative to Traditional FTP Clients

In the past, your company may have relied on FTP to transfer files, but that method has started to become outdated. What businesses need now is a secure file sharing and management service with the access capabilities of a cloud platform.

With SmartFile, users have the option of sending files through several connection methods including a web browser, WebDAV, desktop connector or API. The browser option offers a fully brandable interface accessible on any device, with no need to download a program or application.

Managed File Transfer

Unrestricted file size

Depending on your plan, you can have as many files as you want, no matter the size with SmartFile's unlimited storage option.

Branded UI

Showcase your business with company colors, logos, and even some custom CSS to feel at home in the SmartFile web browser.


Unburden the IT department by allowing managers to create users and set up access and permissions for users.

24-Hour Support

We never stop doing business and neither should you -- that's why we offer 24-hour support if you ever need assistance.

Key Features

  • Easy to Upload and Share
  • File Previews and Versioning
  • Advanced File Search and OCR Recognition
  • Custom Branding
  • Activity Monitoring
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • HIPAA Compliant Activity Logs
  • Map Cloud Accounts
  • Desktop Application, Outlook Plugin

Monitoring and Reporting Tools that Enhance File Management Security

SmartFile offers some of the best security standards in the industry. Beyond our AES 256-bit encryption, the real security lies in user roles and permissions. Give users home directories several layers inside of your real home directory, where they can only access what you allow them to.

Once users are active, you can track their activity and receive email alerts when they upload, download, share or delete a file. You can also set files with password protection, expiration dates and download limits. A visual dashboard and detailed logs allow IT to identify outliers before they become a problem.

Organizations with thousands of users trust SmartFile for scalable FTP hosting.

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Thahn Ly
We choose SmartFile because it is user friendly, easy to setup, quick, efficient, and customizable. SmartFile has made sharing files with our contacts, clients, consultants, and between associates a whole lot quicker and easier.
- Thanh Ly, Senior Database Administrator, Albert A Webb Associates