Enhanced Security With SmartFile's Hosted Private Cloud

Get enhanced security and performance with the privacy of your own private cloud server hosted by SmartFile.

Siloed, Secure Data with the Flexibility of the Cloud

The private cloud allows you to keep all your data siloed from other companies by hosting your very own private cloud server. This provides another layer of security and compliance by ensuring your data never crosses paths with another organization since it's hosted on your own private machine.

In addition, you get all the great secure file sharing benefits of SmartFile's public cloud, including granular roles, secured file links and activity notifications as well. The private cloud even allows you to backup to SmartFile's public cloud or even Amazon S3 for failover purposes.

Secure Private Cloud

Silo Your Data From Others

The private cloud is hosted by SmartFile but only your company has access to that individual appliance, enhancing compliance.

User and File Management

Give the entire company access to the cloud, but control what they see and actions they can take.

Send and Receive Files of Any Size

We make sharing large files more convenient than ever with no size restrictions. Upload and download as many files as you want and never worry about the size.

SmartStats Visual Analytics

Logs are boring! Get real-time access to user and file activity to quickly spot strange behavior, performance concerns and outlying events.

Key Features

  • SFTP, FTPS and FTPES Security
  • Web-Based HTTPS Access
  • Email Notifications
  • Restrict Connection Types
  • Custom Branded Web Portal
  • File Preview in the Web UI
  • Secure Backup to SmartFile's Public Cloud
  • HIPAA Compliant Activity Logs
  • Setup Granular User Roles and File Permissions

Increased Performance and Analytics Features

You won't share resources with anyone else on SmartFile's private cloud. Since the server is only used by your organization, the hardware is focused only on your tasks, providing a slight boost to productivity.

In addition, you get access to SmartStats, SmartFile's visual analytics tool that lets you see activity as it happens in real-time. While access logs are great, SmartStats helps you pinpoint outlying events easily by displaying it in the charts, which helps you take action quicker.

Organizations with thousands of users trust SmartFile for scalable FTP hosting.

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Andrew Webster
We're a global company, and SmartFile helps us transfer files internally across countries. I like the logging, security features and the limited time access capabilities for files. It also ensures that files are traceable and sent securely and it's really easy to see who has access and who does not.
- Andrew Webster, Senior Systems Administrator, Chervon North America