Branded File Portal for Internal and External Users

Apply your company logo, colors, login background image, and custom CSS for a truly branded file portal experience like no other.

Your Logo

Upload your company logo to be used on any desktop view and system emails. Upload a company icon to be used on any mobile view.

Your Login

Use a background image for your login page that compliments your company brand for a more integrated login experience.

Your Customizations

Need more customization? Use CSS to modify UI elements, hide functionality, or create a unique experience specific to your users.

Your Emails

All system emails will have your brand and contact information. Any share or user setup sent from your site will be branded.

Ben Flora, Client Services, UnsubCentral
"An intuitive UI with SSL authentication, but most importantly, we've branded to match our SaaS service UI! Our customers prefer we host an SFTP site for automation as it relates to sharing data with their many partners via our platform."
- Ben Flora, Client Services, UnsubCentral

Use Your Sub-Domain


It's one thing to tell people to "go to SmartFile to login", but it's so much easier to say "go to MY site and login!"

Access your files from your domain. Easily direct your employees and customers to a sub-domain of your choosing through a simple CNAME change. This is a great way to further integrate SmartFile with your company and keep SmartFile transparent to all users.

Click here to access and deliver files from your domain
Application screenshot

As Simple as 1, 2, 3

Easy File Sharing - Step 1

Step 1

After you login as an administrator, click the system options and select 'Admin Settings'.

Easy File Sharing - Step 2

Step 2

In the Admin Dashboard, click the 'Web App' button in the left menu and select 'Branding'.

Easy File Sharing - Step 3

Step 3

Brand! Upload your logo, mobile icon, customize your colors, change your company name, upload a login background, change CSS, update domain, etc...Click 'Save'.

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