4 Reasons Social Media is Good for Your Brand

These days, almost everyone has a death-grip on their smartphone as they’re posting, sharing, tweeting, and instagraming. As a society we’ve even becoming okay with the terms like “tweeting” and “instagraming” as verbs. So, it makes sense that a brand would want to join in and start a conversation. But what exactly does social media have to offer your brand?

Creates Engagement with Customers
Customer service is slowly taking the form of social media. This allows consumers to let you know exactly what they are thinking, when they’re thinking it. But it also gives you the opportunity to respond and deal with issues immediately  This open connection between you and the customer allows an authentic interaction that, if done correctly, can create a positive relationship between you and your customer base.

Gives the Business a Voice
Social media is the easiest way to give your brand a personality. Whether it’s a couple of tweets about a friendly employee rivalry or a Facebook post about your fun atmosphere, your brand can express itself to its followers. Your brand is a unique vision that your company took time to develop and fine tune, why not share that with the world? Not every post of social media has to be focused on winning new customers or promoting your product, sometimes you just need to share a thought or two.

Builds Affordable Awareness
One of the best part of social media is that it’s free; all it’s going to cost you is the time of the employee or intern (ahem) that you put in charge. Without spending an extra dime you’re able to increase your brand’s exposure with potential and current customers.

Ability to Measurable Impressions
LinkedIn has an extremely insightful system that breaks the analysis into three insights: page, followers, and product. Facebook has a similar, but less intricate way of graphing the reach of the page and how many people are talking about it. Keeping track of these stats will help you figure out what your customers interested in, and help you fine tune your brand’s promotions.

As with anything you’re going to publish, you want to be careful. It’s easy to go overboard and only post about your product and services all day all night. But that’s going to annoy your followers and soon you’ll be posting for no one. Building a strong online presence isn’t going to happen overnight, it’s going to take some time. But it will be worth it.
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