5 Web-Based Tools to Help Keep Your SMB Organized

From driving food trucks to deploying Eco-friendly cleaning services, small business owners are always on the go and looking for ways to streamline processes.  Managing budgets, employee schedules, customer service and inventory control are just a few of the business processes that occupy the minds of today’s entrepreneurs.

While you’re probably conducting a year-end audit and finishing up last minute projects before the holidays, we wanted to share a list of our favorite web–based tools that help small business owners stay productive and organized.

1.)  TeuxDeux –> Perhaps the best to-do lists ever created are done using this free, easy to use application.  Keep track of multiple tasks/projects over time via the automatic roll over feature.

2.)  Mobile Assistant –> When great ideas happen at the most unexpected, sometimes inconvenient times, Mobile Asisstant allows you to call a phone number that will record your thoughts and then send them to you the next day.

3.)  Mint.com –> Get a handle on your finances the free and fast way. Mint does all the work of organizing and categorizing your spending and even helps in both setting, and accomplishing financial goals.

4.)  CardMunch –> If your desktop drawer or briefcase is starting to overflow with business cards, LinkedIn’s CardMunch App can help by allowing users to quickly scan  and store those cards. CardMunch can organize your contacts that can also be found and connected with on LinkedIn.

5.)  SmartFile –> While also backing up and protecting all your important documents, SmartFile combines quick and easy file sharing solutions to help save your business time and money. Unlimited users, global access and customer branding your site with your company logo, colors and unique domain name are just a few of the perks to “SmartFiling.”

Honorable MentionsTime DoctorAsanaFreeScreenSharing and FormStack


Not it’s your turn. Share your favorite web-based tools with us in the comment box below, on Twitter or by emailing  ptarpey@smartfile.com!

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