IT employee termination checklist

6 Items For Your IT Employee Termination Checklist

Do you have a procedure for employee turnover? Whether an employee leaves voluntarily or not, it’s important to create an IT employee termination checklist that will guide your staff through this transition.

Did you know that 63% of data breaches come from internal sources — including your exit procedures?

Yikes, right? The bottom line is that the employee exit process is often overlooked. To help you out, here’s 6 items for your IT Employee Termination Checklist!

IT Employee Termination Checklist: #1 — Laptop

This is obvious at first, but did you collect everything from their laptop? Their case, charger, battery (or any spares), their mouse and any necessary cables?

IT Employee Termination Checklist: #2 — Keys & Cards

Did you gather all their keys or ID cards? This includes any access cards to off-site areas, whether that’s parking or biometrics for server rooms.

Don’t forget to grab their file cabinet keys as well. It’s never good if someone moves into a desk and can’t open their file cabinet or the materials inside!

Worried You’ll Forget Something?

IT Employee Termination Checklist: #3 — Hard Drives & Physical Storage

Make sure you get their external hard drives and thumb drives they took home. These items often have many sensitive files on them.

By the way, it’s important to monitor sensitive network storage based files as they get downloaded or copied as well to these devices.

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IT Employee Termination Checklist: #4 — External Storage & File Sharing Services

You should know all the different business file sharing accounts your employees have. Again, you need to make sure you have access to these areas, so put it on your IT employee termination checklist.

It’s also important to back them up if you pay a subscription fee before the terminated employee’s company credit card gets canceled. This is important to do if you have any remote or contract employees who don’t have on-site server or VPN access.

IT Employee Termination Checklist: #5 — Marketing & Website

Is this person a major player at your company, or do they have a presence on your website or social media? Make sure you clear their name, bio and pictures from the site.

If you need to keep them there for founder purposes, find out how much of their presence you can remove and what you should keep by speaking with HR.

IT Employee Termination Checklist: #6 — Email Access

There’s a ton of things when it comes to the employee turnover process and their company email. That’s why it’s important to build an IT employee termination checklist, so you don’t forget to make one!

Here’s the shortlist:

  • Have you backed up their emails?
  • Did you set their account to forward to their manager or replacement?
  • Did you make an auto-responder for external messages and another one for internal messages?
  • Did you notify any relevant contacts?

BONUS TIP: Start the Conversation

It’s tough, but build the conversation about creating an IT employee termination checklist. To get you started, we built a 64 item checklist to help you get started. There’s bound to be a few items you forgot to add to your list.

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