How to Achieve Top Security Inside and Outside the Cloud

Of course, secure data transfer and online file sharing is a must in today’s world.  With hackers around every corner waiting to steal your most sensitive and confidential information, making security a priority in your day-to-day routine or business is a must, even outside of file sharing.  Here are some quick and easy ways in which you could gradually increase security awareness in your company and personal life:

1.  Record the devices that have sensitive data on them. 

By recording what sensitive data is on which devices, you’re more organized and aware of where your information lies.  This ena

bles you to realize what information you’re giving your employees or colleagues access to in regards to what devices of yours they’re using.  In general, keeping a simple record of how many devices contain your sensitive data, where they are located, and what data is one them is a simple way of keeping control of what’s most important to you.

2.   Provide your employees with a consistent medium in which to share files.

When a consistent file sharing tool isn’t implemented in the workplace or in an organization, multiple unauthorized file sharing tools get used that may not have the precise security measures you’re looking for in terms of secure data transfer.  With that said, to provide more organization, control, and clarity in your file sharing, choose one file sharing system in which to utilize for all of your file management needs.  That way, you instill a habit of security in your company culture all while having your files protected under the same medium.

3.     Use strong passwords and encrypt data during transfer. 

Strong passwords are a must, especially in the light of sensitive company information.  Weak passwords are essentially easy to break, leaving your information vulnerable to hackers. For tips on strong password creation, click here. Data encryption is also an important security feature to look for when your files are mobile as it essentially makes the content in your files illegible to hackers.

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