Email activity alters for file sharing

The Importance of Activity Alerts – Email Notifications and File Sharing

Staying informed and up to date on certain activity is imperative. Some activity is more important that others, but just think of the social media notifications (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) that people receive everyday alerting them instantly to activity related to their accounts. Activity indications and alerts are built in features that have become a necessity to stay relevant in a fast-paced world.

So what is the most effective way of alerting multiple people of an event? Something that doesn’t require everyone has an application installed or being visible on a cluttered desktop (or phone). Email is far and away the broadest opportunity for instant communication to the masses about important activity without the need for 3rd party installs.

Email notifications relating to business and enterprise file sharing are very important. Shouldn’t you be informed when someone downloads a critical file? What if a client uploads a file to time-sensitive project folder? Get an email when files are deleted from a shared folder, so you know who to blame! Being notified about file sharing activity is a vital for many practices. In business alone it is imperative for the customer support aspect of sending and receiving files to know immediately when a file is ready to be worked on. Thus the importance and necessity of email notifications and activity alerts in everyday file sharing.

What other scenarios do you think are relevant for staying informed about your online file activity? Or even user activity? Contribute your comments and suggestions below so we can discuss how important this really is to everyone.

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