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ownCloud Alternatives for On-prem & Cloud File Sharing

From ownCloud’s own camp, there has been some interesting news as their organization splits (you can read more about it on their blog here). This has left IT pro’s like yourself looking for ownCloud alternatives for secure file sharing that can be deployed behind the firewall as an on-prem device or VM.

With this post, we’re going to breakdown some of the similar and more enhanced offerings that SmartFile has to offer those looking for ownCloud alternatives, including some other features that ownCloud can’t or won’t provide.

ownCloud Alternatives: Costs

A big reason people have avoided ownCloud replacement until now? Cost. People see open source and think free, which isn’t true. Open source software means you’re only free to see source code, not necessarily free to use the entire platform.

ownCloud for small use cases can be installed, but you needed your own hardware, whether behind your firewall or hosted somewhere else (see: cloud). There are visible costs associated with that. For instance, the hard cost of the server or the subscription or pay-as-you-go pricing of a pure cloud storage service like Amazon. But recent studies have gone to show that hidden costs can pile up here, too. Upkeep. Maintenance. Upgrading. Downtime for cloud storage. Was ownCloud really that cheap after all — especially as you scaled?

ownCloud charges when you need it the most, when your business is scaling, and IT is just trying to keep up. Your tools need to do more, for less. Not do less for more, which is what a limited tool like ownCloud does. You get file sharing on your hardware, which you’re now busy upgrading, maintaining and wasting your time on.

SmartFile is a Value-Focused ownCloud Alternative
If you’re focused on cost still, SmartFile delivers a terrific total cost of ownership. It’s truly your all-in-one self-hosted cloud. With SmartFile, delivered on-premise or as a VM, you can turn your own primary storage into a private cloud. Want to use our own appliance storage instead? That’s fine, too.

SmartFile gives you more than file sharing. It’s file management. What does that mean? We give you ways to govern your files and the users taking action with them. We give you advanced audit capabilities and reporting. We give you more access methods, including browser, API and Outlook.

The best part? These tools are delivered on the on-prem or VM install. You’re not hosting the files and then transferring them up to some tool, opening security gaps. Everything is on your network, giving you more control and better compliance. SmartFile will supply and maintain the hardware, including all application updates as well. It’s the best of primary storage and cloud, but behind your firewall.

If you really want to keep costs down, and you’re less focused on delivery behind your firewall, consider SmartFile’s cloud offering, which is the same platform hosted by us.

Want to try SmartFile yourself? Click here to get your free trial.

ownCloud Alternatives: More Features

SmartFile covers all the bases that ownCloud delivered. Secure file sharing. File versioning. Various access points. An easy-to-use and integration friendly API (SmartFile was built with API integrations from the ground up).

On top of that, SmartFile can deliver high availability and failover solutions. It can operate with multiple sites. You can modify encryption keys to keep your data more secure.

SmartStats is also included, giving you more than just an audit log or email alerts. You get integrated and interactive file analytics. Want to know all the IP addresses of users who tried to log in that were based outside your home country? Easy. No data manipulation, just some clicks, and it’s always there on your dashboard. Just see how easy it is in this video.

This video not only shows you how to look at logins in your office, but how to flip it to spot login attempts (typically failed) from unusual locations with just a few clicks.

ownCloud Alternatives: On-premises Speed and Uptime

There’s no doubt that you want your data faster. If you’ve used ownCloud to access data from Amazon or another hosting provider, that’s fine, but you’ve been subject to their downtime and their datacenter’s location. While this can be optimal at times, it also means you’re at their mercy in regards to priority.

SmartFile’s on-prem appliance sits behind your firewall. It’s just like accessing primary storage at that point. In addition, if you have multiple offices, you can add another SmartFile appliance to deliver better speeds there as well.

ownCloud Alternatives: What About Sync?

Sync is overrated in general. Don’t believe me? It creates uncontrollable file sprawl, gives end users access on devices where they shouldn’t have it and speeds up the transfer of malware, ransomware and other harmful bytes of data.

When you start to think about sync and ask questions, you’ll find it’s not as valuable as you think. You can achieve anywhere access to your data without it while maintaining a more complete audit trail.

Sync shouldn’t be your focus when you’re thinking about ownCloud alternatives. A safer way to manage and share files is what you need to start thinking about. SmartFile delivers file governance, management and access.

ownCloud Alternatives: Get Started

There are lots of ownCloud alternatives, but few can deliver the complete vision, execution, scalability and value like SmartFile. Considering SmartFile as your ownCloud replacement? Contact our sales team to get started.

Secure ownCloud Alternatives Through SmartFile

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.