Atypes, Btypes, and Ctypes at PyOhio 2013

Our very own co-founder Ben Timby will be presenting at the PyOhio 2013 Conference on Sunday, July 28!

PyOhio is an annual conference for Midwest Python programmers, where we get together and share the love (and occasional frustrations) for the programming language. Programmers from around the Midwest will be giving talks, presenting tutorials, and networking with other programmers.

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Ben will be presenting “Atypes, Btypes and Ctypes” at 1pm that Sunday. Here’s an overview of his session:

I would like to describe what ctypes allows a Python developer to do. Then contrast it with another tool I am familiar with, SWIG. Both of these tools are useful in different contexts. SWIG is useful to C library maintainers for making their library accessible to a number of languages. Ctypes is useful to a Python developer for quickly making a C library available in Python only. I will be presenting a number of ctypes concepts by implementing a wrapper for libarchive using ctypes. I currently maintain a SWIG-based wrapper for this library, but feel that it would be easier to maintain if written in ctypes. Wrapping this library would give me the opportunity to present code for each of the following concepts. Ideally I would present this as a walk-through of developing the wrapper step-by-step, pointing out each of the items below (i.e. the source code would “grow” with each addition, providing snapshots of my progress, like a documentary).

Another one of our developers, Ryan Johnston, will be heading over the conference as well; you can read his plans for the conference here.

Are you going to the PyOhio conference this year? If so, what talks or tutorials are you planning to attend? Share in the comments below!

Update: You can view this presentation in its entirety on here.

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