Backing up Files with SmartBackup

Losing a hard drive can be devestating. It can happen at any time. You fire up your computer to check something online and you are greeted with a screen full of errors.  Seeing that blue screen is a horrible heart-sinking feeling. First you think “My work documents are on there”. Then you think “Its not so bad”, I only really needed the last one I was working on. You can just redo that one. You remember everything that was in it right? The longer you sit there the more clear it becomes. Pictures, documents, calendars, emails… all gone. Thats when you say to yourself “Why didn’t I just back that up?”. Now with your SmartFile account there is now reason not to.

With your SmartFile account you also get a free copy of SmartBackup. SmartBackup is the back up program that allows you to automatically save your files directly from your PC to your SmartFile account. SmartBackup will set up an automatic file transfer that can run any time you chose and save your files directly to your account. It can be run as frequently as you like depending on how often you need to backup your system. Restoring files is also very easily done in the SmartBackup utility. Unlike other computer backup programs, SmartBackup gives you the ability to restore single files instead of the entire backup. That way if you accidentaly overwrite a word doc, or edit a picture you didn’t want to save they can easily be restored within seconds.

Everyone should back up their PC and with SmartBackup it is easier than ever. Click Here to see a short demo on just how easy it is to configure and use.

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