Business Tips: How to Use Facebook Efficiently

Not only is Facebook a popular personal social network site, but businesses can also utilize Facebook to expand their social presence online.  It’s free marketing and a great way to reach out to customers, or potential customers, on a more personal level.  What’s great for smaller companies is that social media sites, or any website for that matter, puts companies on an equal playing field.  Small, medium, and large firms all start on a clean slate, and it’s up to them to ‘outperform’ their competitors in the social media popularity contest.  Honestly, a firm could have a dynamite product but ruin their chances of success without actively engaging in Facebook or other social sites.  On the other hand, some companies could dig themselves a huge social rut if using Facebook in the wrong way.  So, here are a few tips for using Facebook efficiently, otherwise your business fan page may get several ‘unlike’s’.

  • Create a Community

Suggest friends and colleagues to become a fan of your page.  Businesses with thousands of likes appear in the search engine bar more frequently.  Not only that, but a greater reach of people means that your updates and information is getting out into a larger community of people who can then share your posts to their networks.

  • Update Frequently

Facebook is different than some other social sites that you may be used to.  Twitter, for example, is meant for quick, random thoughts throughout the day, short-term posts if you will.  Facebook, on the other hand, is more long-term than Twitter, meaning that posts should not come every hour.  Get in a steady rhythm of how often you post updates, information, news, and pictures on Facebook, and most importantly, do not leave your page inactive for long periods of time.

  • Facebook Analytics

Facebook has a great analytics tool that enables administrators to see which posts generate the most reach, likes, etc.  That way, you can tailor your posts to what you know your audience reacts most positively towards.

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