How to Choose a Secure File Transfer Protocol Service

Any file hosting website can say they’re capable of offering secure file transfer protocol to their clients. If you are looking for an online data storage service, you have to make sure the claims of these companies are true, in terms of providing you with the security you need.

A company that claims to provide security for your data must be able to have the following features as part of their service.

Identification and Password Details – With secure FTP, clients should be provided with specific names as to which accounts or servers they’d be able to access alone. These accounts must consequently be password-protected to further prevent unauthorized access to files.

Security Notifications – The file hosting website should send instant notifications or email alerts whenever any security concerns have come up. Consider, for instance, if a client had elected to change his password. A notification pertaining to this activity should be emailed to the client as way of confirming its authenticity.

Backup Management – You should also keep in mind that problems with data security and storage don’t always come from external sources. The problem could be internal such as when you’ve failed to save a back-up copy of your latest data. A file-hosting website offering secure FTP should be able to provide alternatives for data backup management.

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