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Client Profiles: Automated Rig Technologies Ltd.

Over the next month, SmartFile will be kicking off a series of blog posts that will profile our amazing clients and their companies. Our first profile is Automated Rig Technologies Ltd. out of Alberta, Canada.  I interviewed Andrew Richard, Projects Manager, about a variety of topics regarding Automated Rig Technologies and their use of SmartFile.

Tell us more about Automated Rig Technologies…

We are a group of highly motivated and technical personnel that continually strive to move our customers leaps and bounds ahead of their competition. We do this by truly understanding the requirements and output that our customers are looking for sometimes prior to them even knowing there’s a gap to be filled. We have 2 physical offices, 1 being our engineering and R&D group and the other an engineering and assembly facility. We excel at hydraulic motion control and the harmony that is required with the Mechanical, Hydraulic, Electrical and Software design.

What challenges does your company face relating to file sharing and sending large files?

Our business, like most these days, relies on computers to design, model, engineer most everything we do. As this is the case and we work with companies all across North America, we tend to share large files on a regular basis. Whether it be a mid-project update or the electronic delivery of a design package, we are able to quickly deliver large files around the world.  By keeping a true audit trail and the easy to use interface of SmartFile, we’re able to add personnel and track exactly what they’re using our portal for.

How does SmartFile fit into your everyday business routine?

We use SmartFile for a plethora of tasks, the first being a simple file sharing function. This allows us to quickly add users to our group and share files with them securely without wasting time contacting an IT department and requesting that a new user be setup. This is especially helpful when we’re adding a person that needs to load up files for us and we need to load files for them and the relationship is short-lived such as a consultant for 2 weeks. We can add the user, get the job done and then remove them very quickly. The second main task that our SmartFile account handles is the handling of data from our remote data acquisition systems that are located around the world. We push data from our monitoring systems all around the world and then pull them down to our local server to be digested and reported on. We chose to use SmartFile as an intermediary on this project was due to the uptime, which allows us not to worry about our local ISP and that our data will be stored there until we are online. The last task we use SmartFile for is to distribute data out to the Tablets we have at drilling rigs around the world. We’re able to load up manuals, drawings and schematics, photos and forms from our office and distribute out to numerous locations at once.

What is the one SmartFile feature you can’t live without?

We couldn’t live without the unlimited user feature. We have to have a lot of users due to the fact that we utilize this service for all the remote users around the world. Their use does not warrant paying per user fees and if not for this feature we’d be paying way more than we need to. Overall there are so many great features of the SmartFile system that we continually share it with customers and friends alike.

I would like to thank Andrew and everyone at Automated Rig Technologies Ltd for their time and insight.  Check out their website, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.

If your business uses SmartFile and is interested in a company profile, please contact us so we can feature you next time!

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