Cloud Services Expected to be One Trillion Dollar Industry by 2017

A few pros

  1. When comparing cloud storage to external storage, there is always the issue of your external hard drive getting lost, stolen, or damaged. With the cloud, you won’t physically misplace your files. The cloud won’t become corrupted and cause you to lose your data, either.
  2. If a local server or drive fails you could potentially lose all your files, especially if your data isn’t backed up in a different location. Most cloud storage providers (including SmartFile) use multiple servers in different locations that back up and replicate your data to ensure it stays safe and isn’t lost if a server or drive fails.
  3. Many cloud storage providers support multifactor authentication, so you know your data is secure in the cloud. You can send and receive data with secure confidence. As an added bonus, you no longer have to use precious inbox space for physical attachments; you can simply send a link to the file!

A few cons

  1. Security is a big concern when it comes to cloud computing. By leveraging a remote cloud based infrastructure, you give away private data and information that could be sensitive and confidential. You must trust your cloud service provider to manage, protect and retain your data, so make sure you choose a reliable one! Companies and users have to trust their cloud service vendors that they will protect their data from unauthorized users. There could also be regulatory and governance issues with your stored data.
  2. In order to access your stored data, you must have an internet connection. For the most part this shouldn’t be an issue, but you never know.
  3. Increase in the number of networks through which the data travels while in the cloud can raise concerns over data security. Cloud storage requires WAN connectivity along with the regular LAN and SAN facilities, respectively. Weak security credentials (username, password, etc.) could mean your data is susceptible to hacking or theft as well.


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