The Comparison of Sharing Files Through Email and Online Storage

Sending files through email is still one of the most popular methods of file sharing. This method lets you share pictures, documents and other small files with other users. However, there can be a problem when trying to email big files like videos because email services have an attachment limit of 10 MB.

Another disadvantage of sending files through an email service is low data security. Your files can be stolen by other users because data is transmitted as is. This can be a risk especially if you are sharing sensitive data.

Sharing files through an online media storage service is much better because of its convenience and security. The files you want to share are uploaded to a remote server, then you can send access links to the recipients so they can click on the links and download the files directly from their computer. This service also employs security measures like password protected logins, SSL encryption and user restrictions. This service also does not limit your file uploads to 10 MB. You can upload files even several Gigabytes in size.

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