Confronting Consumerization of IT

Consumer-oriented programs like YouSendIt, Evernote and Dropbox are far from productive workplace tools, according to a recent report.  The same study suggest these types of services increase malware attacks while forcing IT costs to rise. With the “BYOD “(Bring-Your-Own-Device) phenomenon continuing to rise and the fact 66% of US employees believe their office may go fully virtual in the next 1-5 years; these consumer-centric web apps are helping dismantle IT staff’s of what they love most – CONTROL!

Enterprise-grade file sharing and storage services like SmartFile are a recommended substitute and could save an estimated ,119 a year by preventing data leaks, according to the same report. Just recently, IBM recently banned the use of insecure apps. See which ones by reading the article on MIT Technology Review

By combining emerging technologies like the cloud/SSL/LDAP/AP with a unique feature set and API that can be called from any browser, SmartFile and unifies the data sharing, backup, access, security, and management process.  FileHub™ -our cloud-hosted tool that merges DropBox™ accounts (+ it’s features) through SmartFile (+it’s features) – allows users to manage multiple file sharing accounts all from one location. While SmartFile gains syncing capabilities, FileHub™ also equips partners like DropBox™ with existing SmartFile features such as custom branding, FTP, reporting, user permissions and unlimited everything –> users, admins, folders, virtual links, connections, & CONTROL! Unlike many providers using third-party hosts, we took a less conventional approach by creating and customizing our own open-hardware solution and homegrown storage pods- allowing greater control over cost and uptime.

With respect to controlling and securing consumer-driven applications, a centralized approach to digital asset management addresses many challenges facing IT (maintenance time, cost, compliance, etc.). Increased productivity and satisfaction is a likely side effect end-users will experience when SmartFile is implemented to help move, manage, and data in one convenient and secure environment.

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SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.