Every business is trying to save money, but no industry knows that better than the construction industry. They have felt it the most during this rough economic time. As a result they are looking for new ways to not only save money, but become more efficient.

To receive bids from their sub-contractors most of them mail printed plans or burn CD/DVDs. Both of these methods can be very costly. One SmartFile customer estimates the that her time, the CD and the postage can cost between $5 and $7 a CD. With as many as 300 subs on one job so it becomes expensive. Also, because subs are mobile they have a tendency to misplace the disc, which not only cost more money, but it also slows the process down.

With SmartFile she can now upload all of her large PDF and CAD files to a project directory. With the File-2-Email feature she can email her subs a link for them to download the all of the files quickly. This has proven to be a very efficient process and has saved them countless hours on burning disc.

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