A Cost-Effective Alternative to Owning an FTP Server

Having your own file transfer protocol server can put a serious dent on your operational budget. It can cost you several thousands of dollars on equipment purchases, software and labor costs. You can reduce the costs on storing important company data with alternative methods. A good one you might want to consider is online media storage. This service utilizes a centralized server that serves multiple users, allowing the provider to reduce service fees.

An FTP server can cost you as much as $2500 for a Dual core 1.83 Ghz, RAID 5, 1 Terabyte server. The server will also need an application to manage the transfers. It is important to upgrade your network because the server can eat a lot of bandwidth if your employees transfer files simultaneously.

Online storage for files is a cost-effective storage solution you can utilize to back up business data. This service doesn’t need complicated configurations or a maintenance staff. You can manage your files in any computer using a simple browser. This makes backing up and sharing files easier and more convenient.

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