How To Create A Friendly (And More Productive) Work Environment

It’s routine.  You walk into work, give slight nods to your fellow co-workers as you pass them on the way to your desk, and quietly type away on a computer that will have your eyes locked for about eight hours.  Of course, not all work environments are like this, but it’s a common theme.  Dream job or not, the relationships between co-workers can turn any great job opportunity into a nightmare of unhappiness, dissatisfaction, and even unproductivity.  What’s the solution, you ask?  It’s simple: take action and change it.  If you want your dream job to have a cohesive, friendly work environment, be the one to take the first steps.  If it doesn’t work out, I mean, at least you tried.

Some ideas for improving these relationships include going out to lunch with a group of colleagues or even hanging out outside of work.  These informal interactions will help you better understand the people that surround you in the workplace, which in turn builds up the respect you show to them during office hours (even if you may not realize it).  Learning about the small things, like pet peeves, their senses of humor, and upcoming events in their personal lives, will generate a bond and increase communication between colleagues, which is always a good thing.  Even remembering the simple “thank-yous” and any other acts of appreciation send a positive vibe out into the workplace.

How does this increase productivity?  Well we’ve increased communication and developed respect and trust for other individuals.  If that isn’t enough, the increased productivity comes from not only the co-worker-to-co-worker obligation to get reports or assignments done but also from the personal dedication you have to your friends.

Personally, I can say that not only is SmartFile dedicated to its customers, but it is also equally dedicated to its employees in the effort to support a positive work environment.  With a small staff, it’s a little easier to break the ice compared to larger companies; however, I assure you that the dream job with the ideal work environment does exist.

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