Let Your Customers Enjoy Secure File Storage

Online data storage offers several layers of security which prevents unapproved users from accessing your data. Secure file transfers enable businesses to share important documents with authorized individuals. Let your clients enjoy the benefits of online storage by offering them this service. You can do this by being a reseller of our online data storage service.

Businesses now understand the importance of a reliable storage system. However, not everyone can afford a network storage for their business. A cost-effective solution and better alternative to network storage is an online media storage service. This service doesn’t need special hardware or software. Data can be securely accessed using a File Transfer Protocol client or a website panel.

Sell storage solutions under your business name with custom branding. This lets you have a custom domain under your business name. Your customers get a sub-domain under your website when they sign up. Your clients will also have the option to have  a custom domain and website branding.

SmartFile makes selling of secure data storage service easier with our Backup Private Label reseller program. Let your clients enjoy the benefits of an online file management system and help them increase their business’ efficiency.

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.