Data Transfer: IndyCar Style

In light of the Indianapolis 500 this weekend, I decided to humor myself with some IndyCar knowledge.   Digging past the beer cans and sweat-drenched flannels, I came across some interesting information regarding technology used by racing technology companies to prepare for the big day.

From a distance, you would never realize the details put into each IndyCar.   And with stricter regulations on mechanical components, such as engines, chassis, etc., racers are left with very little to work with in terms of gaining a competitive edge.   Therefore, after completing a test lap on the track, the consequent race data results from a test run can be emailed back to the race shop for analysis and eventually sent back to the track fully evaluated with suggested adjustments.  This way, the variable components left for the engineering team to tweak can be adjusted specifically to the turns and undulations on the course based on the technology available at the race shop.  This data transfer is exactly what SmartFile is for, a more efficient way to upload and share large files without the hassle of browser limitations and email attachments.

On a larger scale, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway uses SmartFile’s services of online file storage, upload, and sharing to transfer large files, such as commercials and driver headshots, from one place to another.  As a result, we’re contributing towards the success of the “world’s largest single-day spectator sporting event.”  Now that’s a pretty big deal.

Of course, technology plays a major role in essentially anything we do nowadays, but this caught my eye.  With large data files, such as course results from an Indy 500 IndyCar test run, online file storage or transfer could play a huge role in the simplicity and efficiency of sending files from point A to point B, especially if speed is a factor.

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.