The Difference Between Our User Types: Administrator, Manager, and User

So, we’ve told you about our multiple user types, but what does that mean?  Well, we have created three unique types of users in your system: Administrator, Manager, and User.  This means that if you have the authority to create users (we’ll get to that in a minute), you can then label your new addition as one of these three roles.  With that said, let’s break down the roles a little further…


  • Can change their own name, email, and password
  • Can create links to public files or directories
  • Can download and install the PC backup software


  • Have all User capabilities
  • Can create, edit, or delete users
  • Can only edit and delete the users that they’ve created
  • Can set new users’ passwords to known values
  • Can view the activity section


  • Have all User and Manager capabilities
  • Can edit and delete users they haven’t created, even their own account
  • Can set other users’ home directories outside their own
  • Can grant file permissions that they themselves do not have
  • Can upgrade or downgrade site, which affects the monthly bill

Advanced Settings

  • Of course, with advanced settings, the allowances above can be customized for each user instead of using the three-role system.

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