The Digital World of Music

The illegal nature of sharing music files.  It seems as if that’s the only news we hear out of the file sharing industry, and it kind of gives it a bad rep.  File sharing is so much more than illegally downloading music from free file sharing sites; it’s an amazing tool if you use it the right way.  So let’s focus on how society has changed because of file sharing in general, mostly because we’ve come a long way from the life of physical CD-ROMs.

This morning, I read a blog titled “I Just Deleted All My Music”, and it put into perspective how our increasingly digital society is becoming less and less dependent on tangible items.  Because of file sharing, individuals now have the ability to access things without the need to bring physical copies, music for instance.  You never see those zip-up CD portfolios anymore…you know, the ones that used to be stashed away in the backseat of almost everyone’s car?  With the need and capability of having more and more songs, hard drive space fills up, and then you must entrust in something other than your computer to house all of the files you want and love.  File sharing, via cloud or FTP, has developed a means to enable those who 1. want to share their files (legally) and 2. have no more room on their hard drive to keep up with their obsession of music.

I guess you could say we’ve lost quite a bit of physical baggage over the years with a more digitized lifestyle.  We’ve also become a little more trusting, especially in the case of the blog post where the guy moved all of his files from iTunes onto a cloud.

So, what’s the world coming to, you ask?  Less and Less tangibles and more and more trust in the system.

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