The Effectiveness and Safety of Online File Storage Service

Professionals are looking for efficient ways to carry sensitive data without the added bulk. Most mobile storage devices do not offer security features to protect data. You can use a third party application like encryption software but this can be costly and complicated. If you need to store documents and retrieve them while you’re on-the-go, consider getting an online file hosting service.

Mobile file data storage devices only use a single storage component. If your storage device fails, you can lose all your important data. You can have your data recovered by a data recovery service. However, this can be costly and may take a while. Online media storage offers a more secure way to store files. This service utilizes a file server with redundant array of disks. Data is stored in the disks then mirrored on another set of disks. This allows the technicians to “hot swap” the disks while the server is running and recreate the array. This will ensure that your data will be available and safe from data loss.

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SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.