Not Engaged At Work? You’re Not Alone.

Nowadays, workers are leaving the office and setting up shop at home or at a local Starbucks…and all for good reasons.  These telecommuters, workshifters, remote employees—whatever you call them—are at an advantage because studies show that workers are more productive at home or at another location than in the office.

Brief Fact:  72% of US workers are not engaged at work.

Maybe it’s the seven-to-six workday that you actually end up putting in once you wake up, chug a cup of coffee, and sit in traffic for the majority of your commute to and from your office.  Maybe it’s your circadian rhythm and the fact that you’re just about as productive as a piece of dirt in the early mornings.  Or maybe it’s the distractions of talking coworkers, vending machines, or even the far walk to the restroom that are just enough to keep you away from that intimidating stack of papers that are multiplying on your desk.  I mean, you’ll get to it tomorrow, right?

Establishing the fact that remote working is growing in popularity, those who decide to save the time and money from working at home must equip themselves with all the tools they need to get their job done.  File sharing is a great solution for this upcoming need to be able to share files with those that are rarely in the office during the workweeks, and we’re here to help.  While providing you with full support every step of the way, SmartFile can make it seem as if all of those coworkers at home are right next-door in their cubicles.  Pretty cool, huh?

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.