Fast File Transfer Using FTP

If you are searching for fast file transfer, FTP is the best way to do it. FTP offers a fast way to transfer large files securely online.

FTP or file transfer protocol is a method of transferring files between computers over a TCP/IP network. This method is faster in transferring data because it transmits raw information without added sub information like headers and Meta data. FTP also has several advantages in sharing data as compared to your conventional methods of file sharing. You can opt to use FTPES. This method encrypts incoming and outgoing data using cryptographic protocols such as SSL to secure your transfers. FTPES gives you a safer way to store and exchange important files online.

If you need to send data to other people, you can send links through email so that they can download the data themselves. This makes it easier for you to share large files like videos, CAD files or schematics. If you have several administrators in your company, you can also set different levels of security access on your files and folders. This allows you to restrict access to certain personnel and grant full rights to others.

If you are looking for a way faster and safer way to exchange files, FTP is the answer. Try SmartFile’s FTP storage service for free for 14 days now.

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