Our Sales Team connects our prospective client’s process with the capabilities of SmartFile. As a result, we look for creative ways existing clients are solving problems with our solution. I’ve provided an example below of an easy way for employees to collect files securely.

Instead waiting for a client to say “I tried to send a large attachment and it was blocked” or “I need to send information securely, do you have a way to do that?”, embed an upload only or download and upload Share (link) into your email signature. Since the Share is upload only, no one will be able to see the contents of the folder through the link. Unlimited recipients are able to use the same link. Best of all, employees can use Automation rules to reveal when new files are uploaded into SmartFile.

I’ve included a few screenshots below for reference.

Email Signature Link

file custom portal in email signatures

Branded Upload and Download Portal

Next, if you have our branding feature, you can customize the browser-based web portal to match your brand logo and colors.

upload to web portal

Setup an Upload Rule in Automation

Now that you have the file, you can set an Automation rule to alert you whenever anything is uploaded. Login to your SmartFile site.

upload automation

I hope you enjoyed these tips on how to give your email recipients a secure yet simple way to upload files.

secure file transfer

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