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File Sharing: The Photographer’s Dream Come True

Tired of using bulky CDs to share photos with clients or coworkers?  I don’t blame you.  File sharing has changed the way we transfer information and has made our lives simpler with the convenience of online data storage.  So, if you’re a photographer by chance, here are some of the benefits SmartFile could give to you:

  • Creation of project teams and folders by managing multiple users with advanced permissions
  • Saved time and money associated with the elimination of using CDs to share photos and other media
  • Increased security and data encryption with SFTP, FTPS, and FTPES
  • Activity notifications to see who has uploaded, downloaded or deleted files on your site
  • Convenience of creating virtual links to files that are too large to send through email
  • The ability to set expiration dates on virtual links to files for additional security
  • Unlimited users and folders
  • Custom branding, including your logo, company colors, and a unique domain name for your site

If that isn’t enough, SmartFile provides 24/7 customer support because we understand that managing your files are a priority.  So, if this sounds like a resource that could help you manage your business, try us free for 14 days.  See what SmartFile is all about, and we promise we won’t disappoint.

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.