File Sharing Made Safer and Convenient

USB flash drives are popular devices used for data back up and sharing. These devices allow easy sharing of files because you can easily hand it over to other people so that they can copy files. However, sharing can be a problem if the other user is in a different location. You can have your flashdrive shipped through a courier but it may take a while to arrive. There is also a risk of the flash drive being stolen by other people.

If you want a safe and fast way of sharing files, consider getting an online storage service. This cloud-based file sharing service lets you eliminate the need for storage devices. You can access your virtual storage space through a browser or an FTP client. This lets you share files directly from your computer without having to send the storage media to the recipient. To share data, the files are uploaded to an online file server and links are sent to other users. The links allow other people to download the files they need directly from their computer.

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SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.